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A Project of the University of California Irvine Newkirk Center for Science & Society,
University of Michigan Law School & Michigan State University College of Law


How to use the Registry. First, scroll down until you s​ee the list of names. To sort any of the columns, place the cursor over a column heading, such as AGE, and click on the arrow. You can sort in alphabetical or chronological order or click on a particular value to select just the cases in that category. You can sort on more than one column or even multiple columns: such as STAT​E and COUNTY and CRIME.

The two columns with "Tags" in their labels allow you to sort cases by additional characteristics. At the top of the page, you will see the listing of the various Tags. To see more detailed definitions for these terms, hover over their full names or click on the links. You can only sort for one variable at a time in the TAG columns. To sort for several at once, please download our data as a spreadsheet.


OM Tags

  • PR: Prosecutor Misconduct
  • OF: Police Officer Misconduct
  • FA: Forensic Analyst Misconduct
  • CW: Child Welfare Worker Misconduct
  • WH: Withheld Exculpatory Evidence
  • NW: Misconduct That Is Not Withholding Evidence
  • KP: Knowingly Permitting Perjury
  • WT: Witnes​s Tampering Or Misconduct Interrogating Co-defendant
  • INT: Misconduct In Interrogation of Exoneree
  • PJ: Perjury By Official
  • PL: Prosecutor Lied In Court

The six columns on the far right of this page display separately the Contributing Factors that contributed to the wrongful conviction. To save space, we use abbreviations. To see definitions of these factors, click on their full names:

​Keyword Filter:

Connected to: National Registry of Exonerations

To search the Registry for a name or keyword, type in the [Search] box. The filter finds cases that contain any of the words you enter if you check Or, or all of them if you check And. Do not use quotation marks. It allows truncation, but not with truncation symbols such as * and !​

OM Tags
Count= 158
AdamsReginald26BlackLAOrleansH, IOPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, PJ, INTMurderLife without parole19832014FCP/FAOM
AjamuKwame17BlackOHCuyahogaH, IO, JVOF, WH, NW, WTMurderDeath19752014P/FAOM
AndersonCandice21WhiteTXVan ZandtF, H, NC, PManslaughterProbation20072014
AndersonMark51WhiteHIMauiNCOther Violent Felony9 days20112014P/FA
AustinDarryl22BlackNYKingsCIU, H, PHOF, WH, NW, WTMurder18 to life19882014P/FAOM
BakerTerry30BlackTXHarrisCIU, NC, PDrug Possession or SaleProbation20142014F/MFE
BaltierrezJose21HispanicTXHarrisCIU, NC, PDrug Possession or SaleProbation20142014F/MFE
BanianiBorzou27OtherCAOrangeNCDrug Possession or SaleProbation20132014
Barnes, Jr.Donald32WhiteFLSarasotaCV, NC, SAOF, CW, WH, NW, WTChild Sex AbuseLife without parole20112014P/FAOM
BartekScotty24WhiteFLMarionCV, NC, SAChild Sex AbuseLife19912014P/FAF/MFE
BecerraJeanie21WhiteKSShawneeF, M, NCOF, NW, PJAssaultNot sentenced20142014P/FAOMILD
BellJerrell19BlackTXHarrisNC, PDrug Possession or Sale120 days20112014F/MFE
Bell, Jr.James27BlackPALancasterOF, WH, NW, PJDrug Possession or Sale2 to 5 years20082014P/FAOMILD
BerghoffStacey27WhiteTXHarrisCIU, F, M, NC, PDrug Possession or Sale15 days20142014
BlydenMalisha22BlackNYBronxCDC, FPR, WHAttempted Murder40 years20072014MWIDP/FAOM
BridgemanWiley20BlackOHCuyahogaH, IOOF, WH, NW, WTMurderDeath19752014P/FAOM
BrittonRobert38BlackILCookNC, SAOF, NWSexual Assault50 years19962014FCP/FAOMILD
BrockJerry35BlackWAThurstonCV, NC, SAChild Sex AbuseLife19952014P/FA
BrooksGwendolyn52BlackTXHarrisCIU, F, NC, PDrug Possession or Sale6 months20102014F/MFE
BrownLeon15BlackNCRobesonCDC, CV, H, JV, SAPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurderDeath19842014DNAFCP/FAOM
BrownNathan23BlackLAJeffersonIO, SASexual Assault25 years19972014DNAMWIDILD
BurgessSabein24BlackMDBaltimore CityCIU, H, IOPR, WHMurderLife19952014F/MFEOMILD
CaminataVictor33WhiteMIWexfordA, IO, NCArson9 to 40 years20092014F/MFEILD
CantaveJean43BlackNYQueensM, NCAssault1 year20092014P/FA
CarabajalJoey25HispanicTXWilliamsonNC, PDrug Possession or Sale2 years20132014
CarnesLinda26WhiteTXWhartonF, NC, PDrug Possession or Sale5 years20142014F/MFE
CastilloSergio29HispanicTXCameronAttempted Murder25 years19942014MWIDILD
CastorGregory34BlackTXHarrisCIU, M, NC, PDrug Possession or Sale90 days20142014F/MFE
ChambersAnthony51BlackMASuffolkH, NCManslaughter5 to 7 years20092014
ChaparroAnthony48HispanicNJUnionSASexual AssaultLife20032014DNAMWIDILD
ChavezChina22WhiteTXHarrisCIU, F, M, NC, PDrug Possession or Sale45 days20142014
ChavezMoses22WhiteTXHarrisCIU, M, NC, PDrug Possession or Sale45 days20142014
ChessmanScott33WhiteOHMontgomeryNCSex Offender Registration3 years20092014
CokerEdgar15BlackVAStaffordCV, IO, JV, NC, P, SASexual Assault1 year and 5 months20072014P/FAILD
ColemanChristopher20BlackILPeoriaCDC, CV, IO, SAOF, WH, NW, WTSexual Assault60 years19952014MWIDP/FAOM
CopithorneMichael36WhiteCANapaCV, NC, SAChild Sex Abuse5 years20122014P/FA
CovenderJoel26WhiteOHLorainCV, NC, SAChild Sex Abuse15 to 50 years19962014P/FAF/MFE
CridelleRichard41BlackNYSchenectadyNC, SASexual Assault20 years20102014P/FAILD
CurtisExzavian23BlackTXHarrisCIU, NC, PDrug Possession or SaleProbation20132014F/MFE
DardarLanchester27BlackTXHarrisCIU, M, NC, PDrug Possession or SaleProbation20102014
DavisDonya28BlackMIWayneIO, SASexual Assault22 years20072014DNAMWIDP/FA
DiazVictor17HispanicTXHarrisCIU, JV, NC, PDrug Possession or SaleProbation20112014F/MFE
EarnestMichael26WhiteTXHarrisCIU, NC, PDrug Possession or SaleProbation20142014
EllisAndre35BlackALPikeNC, SAPR, WHSexual Assault85 years20132014P/FAOM
FelderLance16BlackPAPhiladelphiaH, IO, JVMurderLife19982014MWID
FigueroaLuis20HispanicCTNew HavenP, SASexual Assault12 years19962014DNAMWID
FlemingJonathan27BlackNYKingsCIU, HPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurder25 to life19902014P/FAOM
FloresDouglas18HispanicTXHarrisCIU, M, NC, PDrug Possession or SaleProbation20142014
FordGlenn34BlackLACaddoHPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, PJMurderDeath19842014P/FAF/MFEOMILD
FosterDemetrius24BlackMIWayneHMurder32 to 50 years20002014MWIDILD
GarciaSergio24HispanicILCookNC, POF, WH, NWDrug Possession or Sale11 years20122014P/FAOM
GardnerLewis15BlackILCookCDC, CIU, H, IO, JVPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WT, INT, PJ, PLMurder30 years19952014FCP/FAOMILD
GarzaMichael28WhiteTXHarrisCIU, NC, PDrug Possession or Sale10 months20142014F/MFE
GavinWillie35BlackWIKenoshaCV, NC, P, SAChild Sex Abuse8 years19972014P/FA
Ghysels, Jr.David45WhiteF-NY(Eastern)FED, NCPR, WH, NW, KP, WTFraudProbation20092014P/FAOM
GilyardEugene16BlackPAPhiladelphiaH, IO, JVMurderLife19982014MWID
GravesAlbert20BlackOHLorainPR, NWDrug Possession or Sale11 years20082014OM
HallErin35WhiteF-WI(Western)FED, NCFraud2 months20112014
HernandezMaria39HispanicF-TX(Western)FED, FDrug Possession or Sale17 years20042014ILD
HicksTyrone41BlackNYBronxIO, SASexual Assault8 years20002014DNAMWID
HillRobert26BlackNYKingsCIU, HOF, WH, NW, WTMurder18 to life19882014P/FAOMILD
HintzMarcia44WhitePAPhiladelphiaF, NCOF, WH, NW, PJDrug Possession or Sale5 to 10 years20092014P/FAOM
Holmes IIICharles41WhiteCASan DiegoNC, PSex Offender Registration9 years20052014ILD
Housler, Jr.David19WhiteTNMontgomeryH, JIMurderLife without parole19972014FCP/FAILD
HungerfordJordan24WhiteTXDentonNC, PDrug Possession or Sale3 years20142014F/MFE
HurtDavie17BlackWVMercerCDC, H, JVPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurderLife19982014P/FAOMILD
JacksonRicky18BlackOHCuyahogaH, IOOF, WH, NW, WTMurderDeath19752014P/FAOM
JacobsonNathan51WhiteF-CA(Southern)FED, NC, PFraudNot sentenced20082014
JennetteAlvena21BlackNYKingsCIU, HOF, WH, NW, WTMurder18 to life19882014P/FAOM
JohnsonAnthony17BlackILCookH, JVPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurder47 years20072014P/FAOMILD
JohnsonLatisha18BlackNYBronxCDC, FPR, OF, WH, NW, INTAttempted Murder40 years20072014MWIDFCP/FAOM
JonesDewey30WhiteOHSummitH, IO, JIPR, WHMurderLife19952014DNAMWIDP/FAOM
JonesElroy Lucky26BlackMIWayneHPR, WHMurderLife without parole20062014P/FAOM
JoseTerrence32HispanicMIOaklandCV, NC, SAChild Sex Abuse25 to 40 years20102014P/FAILD
KeuylianViken45WhiteF-CA(Central)FED, NC, PFraudNot sentenced20092014P/FA
KingSusan38WhiteKYSpencerF, H, IO, POF, NW, PJManslaughter10 years20082014P/FAF/MFEOM
LarsenDaniel30WhiteCALos AngelesIOPR, OF, WH, NW, PJOther Nonviolent Felony28 to life19992014MWIDP/FAOMILD
LawsonSamuel28WhiteORDouglasHOF, NW, WTMurderLife20052014MWIDF/MFEOM
LeblancDavid43WhiteTXHarrisCIU, M, NC, PDrug Possession or Sale10 days20142014F/MFE
LemonsAnthony19BlackOHCuyahogaHPR, WH, NW, KPMurder21 to life19952014P/FAOM
LewisBrandon23WhiteAZGilaNCOF, WH, NW, PJAssaultProbation20132014P/FAOM
LoganRoger35BlackNYKingsCIU, HOF, CW, WHMurder25 to life19992014MWIDP/FAOM
LomaxWalter20BlackMDBaltimore CityCIU, H, IOPR, WHMurderLife19682014MWIDOMILD
LopezWilliam30HispanicNYKingsCIU, H, IOPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WTMurder25 to life19902014P/FAOMILD
LunsfordKacie29WhiteTXHarrisCIU, F, NC, PDrug Possession or SaleProbation20142014F/MFE
MableKendrick38BlackTXHarrisCIU, NC, PDrug Possession or Sale2 years20142014F/MFE
MaiHien Juan34WhiteTXHarrisNC, PDrug Possession or Sale120 days20122014F/MFE
MartinKevin17BlackDCCDC, H, IO, JV, P, SAPR, NWManslaughter15 to Life19842014DNAP/FAF/MFEOMILD
MartinezRodrigo22HispanicCAOrangeCV, HMurder25 to life20082014F/MFEILD
MassingillAnthony18BlackTXDallasCIU, IO, SARobberyLife19802014DNAMWID
McCabeTravis39WhiteF-LA(Eastern)FED, NCPerjuryNot sentenced20102014P/FA
McCallumDavid16BlackNYKingsCDC, CIU, H, JVOF, WH, NW, WT, INTMurder25 to life19862014DNAFCP/FAOM
McCollumHenry19BlackNCRobesonCDC, CV, H, SAPR, OF, WH, NW, INTMurderDeath19842014DNAFCP/FAOM
MelendezRenee29HispanicNYBronxFTheftNot sentenced20142014
MellenSusan42WhiteCALos AngelesF, H, IOPR, OF, WHMurderLife without parole19982014P/FAOMILD
MendezAlexandra18WhiteTXHarrisCIU, F, NC, PDrug Possession or Sale6 months20142014F/MFE
MillerJoel35WhiteF-CA(Central)FEDWeapon Possession or Sale2 years20122014P/FA
Miller, Jr.Jesse17BlackFLPalm BeachH, JI, JVMurderLife20092014P/FAF/MFEILD
MillsRandall43WhiteTNMarshallCV, IO, SAChild Sex Abuse20 years20002014DNAP/FAF/MFEILD
MolenMichael Scott44WhiteIDBoiseCV, NC, SAPR, FA, WH, NW, WTChild Sex Abuse20 years20072014P/FAF/MFEOMILD
MontoyaLorenzo14HispanicCODenverH, IO, JI, JVOF, NW, INTMurderLife without parole20002014DNAFCP/FAF/MFEOMILD
MooneyJohn19WhiteMDBaltimore CityCIU, H, IOMurderLife20102014P/FA
MorrisArthur34WhiteKSShawneeM, NCOF, NW, PJAssaultNot sentenced20142014P/FAOMILD
MortonCarlBlackDCPR, OF, WH, NW, PJ, PLAssault5 years and 2 months20092014MWIDP/FAOM
MurphyMichelle17Native AmericanOKTulsaCV, F, H, IO, JVPR, OF, FA, WH, NW, INT, PJ, PLMurderLife without parole19952014DNAFCP/FAF/MFEOMILD
MurrayPatrick34WhiteF-NY(Eastern)CDC, FEDDrug Possession or Sale5 years20102014P/FAF/MFE
NelsonJimmie28WhiteMIIoscoHMurder25 to 50 years20102014
NguyenAnthony17AsianTXHarrisCIU, JV, M, NC, PDrug Possession or SaleProbation20132014F/MFE
NoelMichael55BlackTXHarrisCIU, M, NC, PDrug Possession or Sale10 days20142014F/MFE
NowakKevin19WhiteTXHarrisCIU, NC, PDrug Possession or SaleProbation20142014
PadillaFidel53HispanicNYRocklandNC, PPR, WH, NWOther Nonviolent FelonyNot sentenced20122014OMILD
ParkerMichael35WhiteNCHendersonCSH, CV, IO, NC, SAPR, CW, WH, NW, WTChild Sex AbuseLife19942014P/FAF/MFEOMILD
PatrickDeon20BlackILCookCDC, CIU, H, IOPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WT, INT, PJ, PLMurderLife without parole19952014FCP/FAOMILD
PerringtonDonald30BlackNYNew YorkWeapon Possession or Sale8 years20082014
PetersHarold39BlackTXHarrisCIU, NC, PDrug Possession or Sale7 months20142014F/MFE
PetersonJamie Lee21WhiteMIKalkaskaH, IO, JI, SAPR, OF, WH, NW, INT, PJMurderLife without parole19982014DNAFCP/FAOM
PhillipsLacey22WhiteF-WI(Western)FED, F, NCFraud2 months20112014
PhillipsMichael33BlackTXDallasCIU, CV, P, SASexual Assault12 years19902014DNAMWIDILD
PhillipsPaul17BlackILCookCDC, CIU, H, IO, JVPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WT, INT, PJ, PLMurder30 years19952014FCP/FAOMILD
PitreDerick40BlackTXHarrisCIU, NC, PDrug Possession or Sale6 months20142014F/MFE
RainboltThomas51BlackTXHarrisCIU, M, NC, PDrug Possession or Sale45 days20142014F/MFE
Recendez-LopezEdgar20WhiteTXHarrisCIU, NC, PDrug Possession or Sale3 months20102014F/MFE
RhoadesNick33WhiteIABlack HawkNC, POther Violent Felony25 years20092014ILD
RigelSierra17WhiteORCurryF, H, JV, NCManslaughterCommunity service20112014ILD
RobertsLisa37BlackORMultnomahF, H, PPR, WHManslaughter15 years20042014DNAF/MFEOMILD
RobertsRodney29BlackNJEssexCV, P, SAKidnapping7 years19962014DNAMWID
RodriguesShaun20OtherHIHawaiiKidnapping20 years20022014MWID
RodriguezEdwin28HispanicNJMiddlesexM, NCOF, WH, NW, PJOther Violent MisdemeanorNot sentenced20142014P/FAOM
RogersMandel18BlackTXHarrisCIU, P, SARobbery12 years19992014DNAMWID
SandersRodell28BlackILCookCDC, HPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurder80 years19952014MWIDP/FAOMILD
ShabazzOmar27BlackNYNew YorkWeapon Possession or Sale8 years20082014
SheltonHorace51BlackNCBuncombeForgery10 7/12 to 13 1/2 years20122014MWIDILD
ShvedOlga23WhiteWAFranklinCV, F, NCAssault10 years20092014F/MFE
SimonAlstory32BlackILCookCIU, H, PMurder37 years19992014FCP/FA
StevensonMacen20WhiteTXHarrisCIU, M, NC, PDrug Possession or SaleProbation20142014
StuckeyWillie16BlackNYKingsCDC, CIU, H, JV, PHOF, WH, NW, WT, INTMurder25 to life19862014DNAFCP/FAOM
TearsJonathan29BlackTNMarshallNCAttempted Murder25 years20092014P/FAILD
ThagardJerome16BlackNYErieH, JVOF, WH, NW, WTMurder25 to life20102014P/FAOM
ThainLeeann40WhiteMIBerrienF, NCTheft90 days20112014ILD
ThomasAdrian26BlackNYRensselaerCV, H, NCOF, NW, INTMurder25 to life20092014FCF/MFEOM
ThomasCameron24BlackTXHarrisNC, PDrug Possession or Sale1 year20142014F/MFE
ThompsonMichael32WhiteUTSalt LakeCV, IO, NC, SAPR, NWSexual Assault5 to Life20082014P/FAF/MFEOMILD
ThurmanJoe29WhiteTXHarrisCIU, NC, PDrug Possession or Sale2 years20142014F/MFE
TrujilloNicolas19WhiteTXHarrisCIU, M, NC, PDrug Possession or SaleProbation20142014
VasquezGerardo20WhiteTXHarrisCIU, NC, PDrug Possession or SaleProbation20082014F/MFE
VasquezRogelio24WhiteTXHarrisCIU, M, NC, PDrug Possession or Sale10 days20142014
WalkerJoseph44BlackSCBambergSASexual Assault24 years20032014MWIDILD
West Mark47BlackTXHarrisCIU, NC, PDrug Possession or Sale6 months20142014F/MFE
WhiteheadRonnie31WhiteTXHarrisCIU, M, NC, PDrug Possession or Sale6 months20042014F/MFE
WilkinsGeary40BlackTXHarrisNC, PDrug Possession or Sale6 months20132014F/MFE
WilliamsDarrell21BlackOKPayneSAPR, WHSexual AssaultProbation20122014MWIDOM
WilliamsVictor32BlackWIJacksonCV, NC, SAOF, WH, NW, PJSexual Assault12 years20122014P/FAOM
WilsonSharrif15BlackNYKingsCDC, CIU, CV, H, JVOF, NW, WT, INT, PJMurder9 to Life19942014DNAFCP/FAF/MFEOMILD
WombleWillie21BlackNCGranvilleHOF, NW, INTMurder80 years19762014FCOM
WoodworthMark16WhiteMOLivingstonH, JVPR, WHMurder31 years19952014F/MFEOM
WrightCleveland20BlackDCH, IOFA, WH, NW, PJMurder20 to Life19792014DNAP/FAF/MFEOM
YarboughAnthony18BlackNYKingsCDC, CIU, CV, HOF, WH, NW, WT, INT, PJMurder75 to life19942014DNAFCP/FAF/MFEOMILD
ZarzozaJonathan18WhiteTXHarrisNC, PDrug Possession or SaleProbation20132014F/MFE