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Launched in October 2020, our newest archive expands NRE work to include cases of wrongful conviction groups based on systemic misconduct. Click here for more information. 


Mass Exonerations and Group Exonerations – 9 April 2018
In preparation for the Mass Exoneration Conference at Villanova in 2018, Professor Samuel Gross produced an overview of mass and group exonerations from 1989 to 2018. Read more.

Race and Group Exonerations - 7 March 2017
In this excerpt from our report on Race and Wrongful Convictions, we give an overview of the group exonerations we know of as of 2016, and explore the role of race in these exonerations. Read more.

Guilty Pleas in Group Exonerations – 24 November 2015
Because group exonerations arise when a group of officers frame defendants, group exonerations include many more guilty pleas and other comparatively low-stake cases than we see among individual exonerations. Read more.

Group Exonerations - June 2012 
Most exonerations occur in cases where long prison terms (or death sentences) justify the vast amounts of time and money it takes to free an innocent person who has been convicted of a crime. In “group exonerations,” however, defendants are exonerated without detailed reinvestigation of their individual cases. A “group exoneration” arises from discovery of a concerted pattern of misconduct by one or several police officers who systematically frame innocent defendants. In our 2012 report, we included a section on group exonerations and how they differ from the other exonerations we report. Read more.