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Conviction Integrity Units

Professional Exonerators (Excerpt from Exonerations in 2017 Report) - 14 March 2018
This excerpt from the 2017 Report reviews 33 Conviction Integrity Units existing at the end of 2017 and discusses the impact of both CIUs and Innocence Organizations on exonerations. Read more.

Conviction Integrity Units (Excerpt from Exonerations in 2016 Report) - 7 March 2017
In this excerpt from the 2016 Report, we review the 29 Conviction Integrity Units in existence as of 2016. As of the publication of the report, there were 225 CIU exonerations. We look at where these 225 exonerations came from, which prosecutorial offices have CIUs in name only, and the acessibility of the programs. Read more.

Conviction Integrity Units - 3 February 2016
A look at the rapid rise in Conviction Integrity Units and their wide range in performance. The report concludes: “What we can say is this: In a few counties, CIUs have become important, active on-going operations. For several CIUs, it’s too early to say. And for others, we found no evidence that they have done anything much at all.” Read more.