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A Project of the University of California Irvine Newkirk Center for Science & Society,
University of Michigan Law School & Michigan State University College of Law


How to use the Registry. First, scroll down until you s​ee the list of names. To sort any of the columns, place the cursor over a column heading, such as AGE, and click on the arrow. You can sort in alphabetical or chronological order or click on a particular value to select just the cases in that category. You can sort on more than one column or even multiple columns: such as STAT​E and COUNTY and CRIME.

The two columns with "Tags" in their labels allow you to sort cases by additional characteristics. At the top of the page, you will see the listing of the various Tags. To see more detailed definitions for these terms, hover over their full names or click on the links. You can only sort for one variable at a time in the TAG columns. To sort for several at once, please download our data as a spreadsheet.


OM Tags

  • PR: Prosecutor Misconduct
  • OF: Police Officer Misconduct
  • FA: Forensic Analyst Misconduct
  • CW: Child Welfare Worker Misconduct
  • WH: Withheld Exculpatory Evidence
  • NW: Misconduct That Is Not Withholding Evidence
  • KP: Knowingly Permitting Perjury
  • WT: Witnes​s Tampering Or Misconduct Interrogating Co-defendant
  • INT: Misconduct In Interrogation of Exoneree
  • PJ: Perjury By Official
  • PL: Prosecutor Lied In Court

The six columns on the far right of this page display separately the Contributing Factors that contributed to the wrongful conviction. To save space, we use abbreviations. To see definitions of these factors, click on their full names:

​Keyword Filter:

Connected to: National Registry of Exonerations

To search the Registry for a name or keyword, type in the [Search] box. The filter finds cases that contain any of the words you enter if you check Or, or all of them if you check And. Do not use quotation marks. It allows truncation, but not with truncation symbols such as * and !​

OM Tags
Count= 133
AdamsDon Ray32BlackPAPhiladelphiaHOF, WH, NW, WTMurderLife19922011P/FAOM
AinaAndre22BlackPACentreNCWeapon Possession or Sale3 to 6 years20152020ILD
AndersonDavid34WhitePAVenangoNC, SAPR, NW, WTSexual Assault5 to 15 years20012011OM
BakerEdward17BlackPAPhiladelphiaCDC, H, IO, JVOF, WH, NW, INTMurderLife19742002FCP/FAOMILD
Bell, Jr.James27BlackPALancasterOF, WH, NW, PJDrug Possession or Sale2 to 5 years20082014P/FAOMILD
BennettHassan23BlackPAPhiladelphiaCDC, H, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurderLife without parole20082019P/FAOMILD
BerryJohnny16BlackPAPhiladelphiaCDC, CIU, H, JVMurderLife without parole19952019MWIDP/FAF/MFE
BostickYeidja21BlackPAPhiladelphiaCV, F, HOF, WH, NW, PJManslaughter5 to 10 years19901993P/FAF/MFEOM
BowmanKevin23BlackPAPhiladelphiaHPR, OF, WH, NW, WT, PJ, PLMurderLife19902023P/FAF/MFEOM
BrisonDale27BlackPAChesterSASexual Assault18 to 42 years19911994DNAMWIDF/MFE
BrownJacquez15BlackPAYorkH, JV, NCMurder50 to Life20132022ILD
BrownPatrick21BlackPADauphinIORobbery22 to 70 years20022010DNAMWID
CampGerald27BlackPAPhiladelphiaOF, WH, NW, PJWeapon Possession or SaleNot sentenced20162017P/FAOM
CarnevaleDaniel29WhitePAAlleghenyA, H, IO, JI, NCPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, PLMurderLife without parole20072020MWIDP/FAF/MFEOMILD
CarterRaymond40BlackPAPhiladelphiaHOF, WH, NW, WTMurderLife19881996P/FAOM
CesarOwen26BlackPABerksCV, NC, SAChild Sex Abuse1 to 5 years20052011P/FAILD
CesarOwen24BlackPABerksCV, NC, SAChild Sex Abuse16 to 37 years20042009P/FAILD
ConnorMatthew41BlackPAPhiladelphiaCV, H, IO, SAPR, WHMurderLife19801990MWIDOM
CortezGeorge30BlackPAPhiladelphiaHMurderLife without parole20122016MWIDF/MFEILD
CoulstonTroy20BlackPAPhiladelphiaCDC, CIU, HPR, WH, NW, KP, WT, PLMurderLife without parole19922021P/FAOM
CrawfordSteven14BlackPADauphinCV, H, JVPR, FA, WH, NW, KP, PJMurderLife19742002P/FAF/MFEOM
CroslandCurtis23BlackPAPhiladelphiaCIU, HPR, OF, WH, NW, WT, PLMurderLife without parole19882021P/FAOM
DaidoneAlbert38WhitePAPhiladelphiaCDC, HPR, NW, PLMurderLife without parole19841999P/FAF/MFEOM
DavisFaheem22BlackPAPhiladelphiaCDC, CIU, HPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WT, PJMurderLife without parole20142023MWIDP/FAOM
DiNicolaLouis29WhitePAErieA, CV, H, NCPR, OF, WHMurderLife19801994F/MFEOM
DixonRafiq29BlackPAPhiladelphiaCIU, HOF, WH, NW, WTMurderLife20122022MWIDP/FAOMILD
DoswellThomas24BlackPAAlleghenySAOF, WH, NW, WTSexual Assault13 to 26 years19862005DNAMWIDOM
DubbsCharles T.36WhitePALancasterSASexual Assault12 to 40 years20022007MWID
FelderLance16BlackPAPhiladelphiaH, IO, JVMurderLife19982014MWID
FogleLewis24WhitePAIndianaCDC, CV, H, IO, JI, SAOF, WH, NW, WTMurderLife without parole19822015DNAP/FAOM
FrazierJames19BlackPAPhiladelphiaCIU, HOF, WH, NWMurderLife without parole20132019FCOM
FritzJudith35WhitePALehighF, HManslaughter3 years19951997MWIDF/MFEILD
FulmoreJames21BlackPAPhiladelphiaAttempted Murder15 to 30 years20132016MWID
GainerDonald31WhitePAAlleghenyA, CDC, JI, NCOF, NW, WTArson22 to 45 years19851992P/FAOM
GarciaArkel19BlackPAPhiladelphiaCIU, HPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurderLife without parole20152021MWIDFCOMILD
GilyardEugene16BlackPAPhiladelphiaH, IO, JVMurderLife19982014MWID
Gladden David36BlackPADauphinA, CDC, H, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurderLife19952007P/FAOM
GodeskyScott24WhitePAAlleghenyCDC, HPR, NWMurderLife without parole19972019P/FAOMILD
GodschalkBruce25WhitePAMontgomeryIO, JI, SASexual Assault10 to 20 years19872002DNAMWIDFCP/FA
GoodwinChristopher20BlackPAPhiladelphiaHPR, OF, WH, NW, WT, PJMurderLife without parole20132023P/FAOMILD
GravesKeith36BlackPAPhiladelphiaCIU, SAPR, WHRobbery41 to 105 years20022024MWIDOMILD
GwynnDaniel24BlackPAPhiladelphiaA, HPR, OF, WH, NWMurderDeath19952024FCOMILD
HaleMarshall24BlackPAPhiladelphiaCIU, CV, IO, SAPR, WH, NW, PLChild Sex Abuse23 1/2 to 47 years19842017MWIDF/MFEOMILD
HandleyZachary13WhitePANorthamptonA, CV, JVOF, NW, INTArson6 to 12 months20082015FCP/FAOM
HandyDwane19BlackPAPhiladelphiaHPR, OF, WH, NW, WT, INT, PJMurderLife without parole20132024FCP/FAOM
HarrisJahmir23BlackPAPhiladelphiaCIU, HPR, OF, WH, WTMurderLife without parole20152021MWIDOM
HicksTermaine26BlackPAPhiladelphiaCIU, IO, SAPR, OF, WH, NW, WT, PJSexual Assault12 1/2 to 25 years20022020DNAP/FAOMILD
HillMarvin19BlackPAPhiladelphiaCIU, HPR, OF, WH, NW, WT, PJMurder16 1/2 to 43 years20132023P/FAOMILD
HintzMarcia44WhitePAPhiladelphiaF, NCOF, WH, NW, PJDrug Possession or Sale5 to 10 years20092014P/FAOM
HoldenGregory19BlackPAPhiladelphiaCDC, HPR, OF, WH, NW, WTOtherLife without parole19832024P/FAOM
Hollman IIIChester21BlackPAPhiladelphiaCDC, CIU, H, IOPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WT, PLMurderLife without parole19932019P/FAF/MFEOM
HopkinsGregory33WhitePABeaverH, SAMurder8 to 16 years20132022F/MFEILD
HowellGerald18BlackPAPhiladelphiaHPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurderLife without parole19832023P/FAOM
InJohn23BlackPAPhiladelphiaCIU, CVOF, WH, NW, PJRobbery25 to 50 years20082022DNAMWIDP/FAOMILD
JacksonRichard40BlackPADelawareHMurderLife without parole19982000F/MFE
JohnsonAntione32BlackPAPhiladelphiaNCOF, NW, PJDrug Possession or SaleNot sentenced20192020P/FAOM
JohnsonKareem18BlackPAPhiladelphiaH, JIMurderDeath20072020P/FAF/MFEILD
JohnsonRoderick20BlackPABerksCDC, HPR, WH, NW, KP, WT, PLMurderDeath19972020FCP/FAOM
JohnsonRonald27BlackPAPhiladelphiaCIU, HPR, OF, WH, NW, WT, PJMurderLife without parole19912024P/FAOMILD
JohnsonTerrell18BlackPAAlleghenyH, IOMurderLife without parole19952012P/FAILD
JohnsonWilliam24BlackPAPhiladelphiaCDC, H, IOPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurder30 to 60 years20092023DNAMWIDP/FAOM
Kauffman, Jr.Carl Joe21WhitePABedfordCDCPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WTRobbery5 to 15 years20012004P/FAOM
Kelly, Jr.William M.28WhitePADauphinH, P, SAMurder10 to 20 years19901993DNAMWIDFC
KimbellThomas32WhitePALawrenceCV, H, JIMurderDeath19982002DNAP/FA
KingwoodCurtis22BlackPAPhiladelphiaCIU, HPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WT, INT, PJMurderLife without parole20142023MWIDFCP/FAOM
KirkwoodJustin22WhitePALawrenceIOPR, NWRobbery3 1/2 to 7 years20032006MWIDOM
LaughmanBarry24WhitePAAdamsH, SAMurderLife19882004DNAFCF/MFE
LawsonTyree27BlackPAPhiladelphiaCVOF, WH, NWAttempted Murder14 to 28 years20092018P/FAOMILD
LazarSteven22WhitePAPhiladelphiaCIU, HPR, OF, WH, NW, PJMurderLife20102023FCP/FAOMILD
LeeAh20AsianPAPhiladelphiaHOF, WH, NW, PJMurderLife19882004MWIDP/FAOM
LeeHan Tak54AsianPAMonroeA, H, NCMurderLife without parole19902015F/MFEILD
LewisTerrance17BlackPAPhiladelphiaCIU, H, JVOF, WHMurderLife without parole19992019MWIDOMILD
LoachJerome42BlackPAPhiladelphiaCDC, CIUOther Nonviolent Felony25 to 50 years20112021P/FAF/MFEILD
MaisonetOrlando23HispanicPAPhiladelphiaCDC, HPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WT, PJ, PLMurderLife without parole19922005P/FAOMILD
MartinezAntonio37HispanicPAPhiladelphiaCIU, HPR, WHMurderLife19902020MWIDP/FAOMILD
MartoranoRaymond53WhitePAPhiladelphiaCDC, HPR, NW, PLMurderLife without parole19841999P/FAF/MFEOM
McCoySherman20BlackPAPhiladelphiaCDC, CIU, HPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, PJ, PLMurderLife without parole20162019FCP/FAOMILD
McCrackenTerence18WhitePADelawareHPR, WH, NW, WTMurderLife19831995P/FAF/MFEOM
MillerJohn21BlackPAPhiladelphiaCIU, H, IOPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurderLife without parole19982019P/FAOM
MontalvoNoel33HispanicPAYorkHOF, NW, WTMurderDeath20032023DNAP/FAOMILD
MotoVincent22BlackPAPhiladelphiaSASexual Assault12 to 24 years19871996DNAMWID
MunchinskiDavid25WhitePAFayetteCDC, H, IO, SAPR, WHMurderLife19862013P/FAOM
MurrayBruce20BlackPAPhiladelphiaCDC, HPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurderLife without parole19832023P/FAOM
NelsonBruce24BlackPAAlleghenyCDC, H, SAMurderLife19821991DNAP/FA
NesmithWillie James20BlackPACumberlandSASexual Assault9 to 25 years19822001DNAMWIDF/MFE
NievesWilliam26HispanicPAPhiladelphiaHPR, WHMurderDeath19942000MWIDP/FAOMILD
OgrodWalter23WhitePAPhiladelphiaCIU, CV, H, JI, SAPR, OF, FA, WH, NW, KP, INT, PJ, PLMurderDeath19962020DNAFCP/FAF/MFEOMILD
OliverMontrell17BlackPAPhiladelphiaCIU, H, IO, JVMurderLife without parole19982024P/FAILD
OnyiahObina27BlackPAPhiladelphiaCIU, HPR, OF, WH, NW, INT, PJMurderLife without parole20132021MWIDFCP/FAF/MFEOMILD
OutlawDonald16BlackPAPhiladelphiaCIU, H, IO, JVPR, OF, WH, NW, WT, PJMurderLife without parole20042020P/FAOM
PacekJerry13WhitePAAlleghenyH, JV, SAPR, OF, WH, NW, INTMurder10 to 20 years19591991FCF/MFEOM
PattersonDontia17BlackPAPhiladelphiaCIU, H, IO, JVPR, OF, WHMurderLife without parole20092018MWIDOMILD
PurtellDaniel21WhitePACentreNC, SASexual Assault3 1/2 to 6 years20022004P/FA
RamirezEdward18HispanicPAPhiladelphiaCDC, H, IOPR, OF, FA, WH, NW, WTMurderLife19982023DNAP/FAF/MFEOMILD
Randolph IVSamuel29BlackPADauphinCV, HPR, OF, WH, NW, WT, PJ, PLMurderDeath20032022P/FAOMILD
RegustorsDonta21BlackPAPhiladelphiaCIU, HPR, OF, WH, NW, WT, PJMurderLife20122023P/FAOM
ReidAnthony21BlackPAPhiladelphiaHPR, OF, WH, NW, WT, PJ, PLMurderLife19902023P/FAF/MFEOM
RiceCharles17BlackPAPhiladelphiaCV, IO, JVPR, WHAttempted Murder30 to 60 years20132024MWIDOMILD
RobertsLarry Trent35BlackPADauphinCDC, H, IOPR, WH, NW, KP, WTMurderLife without parole20072019MWIDP/FAOMILD
RollinsDonte18BlackPAPhiladelphiaCIU, CV, IOAttempted Murder62 1/2 to 125 years20072016MWIDILD
SalleyMarQuise22BlackPAPhiladelphiaHMurderLife without parole20102019MWIDILD
SchaafDavid40WhitePABucksNCAttempted Murder14 to 28 years20032006P/FA
SerranoIvan17HispanicPAPhiladelphiaH, JVMurderLife19882005MWID
SiehlKevin35WhitePACambriaH, IOPR, FA, WH, NW, KP, PJMurderLife without parole19922016P/FAF/MFEOMILD
SimmonsJamaal26BlackPAPhiladelphiaCIU, HOF, WH, NW, WT, PJMurder15 to 30 years20122018P/FAOM
SmithJay C.50WhitePADauphinCV, H, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, PLMurderDeath19861992P/FAF/MFEOM
SparksDavid16BlackPAPhiladelphiaCIU, H, IO, JVPR, OF, WH, NW, WT, PJMurderLife without parole20082023P/FAOM
SpellmanIndia17BlackPAPhiladelphiaCDC, CIU, F, H, JVPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WT, INT, PJMurder30 to Life20132023MWIDFCP/FAOMILD
StatenHarold31BlackPAPhiladelphiaA, CIU, CV, H, IO, NCPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurderLife without parole19862024P/FAF/MFEOMILD
StokesWillie20BlackPAPhiladelphiaHOF, WH, NW, WTMurderLife without parole19842022P/FAOM
StonehouseCarol41WhitePAAlleghenyF, H, NCMurder7 to 14 years19831990ILD
SwainsonAndrew22BlackPAPhiladelphiaCIU, H, IOPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WT, PJ, PLMurderLife without parole19892020P/FAOM
SwiftRubin32BlackPAErieCV, NC, P, SAChild Sex Abuse28 to 60 3/4 years20092012P/FAF/MFE
ThomasShaurn16BlackPAPhiladelphiaCDC, CIU, H, IO, JVOF, WHMurderLife without parole19942017P/FAOMILD
Thomas, Jr.Clayton "Mustafa"23BlackPAPhiladelphiaCDC, HOF, WHMurderLife without parole19942019P/FAOM
ThorpeDwayne25BlackPAPhiladelphiaCIU, HOF, WH, NW, WT, PJMurderLife20092019MWIDP/FAOMILD
VeasyWillie26BlackPAPhiladelphiaCIU, H, IOPR, OF, WH, NW, INT, PJMurderLife without parole19932019MWIDFCP/FAOM
VelasquezNeftali27BlackPAPhiladelphiaCIU, HPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WT, PJ, PLMurderLife without parole20162023OM
WallsGeorge39BlackPAAlleghenyNC, SASexual Assault5 to 10 years20032011P/FAILD
WeimerCrystal23WhitePAFayetteBM, CDC, F, H, IO, JIPR, OF, FA, WH, NW, KP, WT, PJ, PLMurder15 to 30 years20062016P/FAF/MFEOM
WhitakerMark29BlackPAPhiladelphiaCDC, HPR, NWMurderLife without parole20032019MWIDP/FAOM
WhitleyDrew32BlackPAAlleghenyH, IO, JIPR, WHMurderLife19892006DNAMWIDP/FAF/MFEOM
WilliamsChristopher29BlackPAPhiladelphiaCDC, CIU, CV, HPR, WH, NW, KP, WT, PLMurderDeath19932019P/FAF/MFEOMILD
WilliamsChristopher29BlackPAPhiladelphiaCDC, CIU, HPR, WH, NW, KP, WT, PLMurderLife without parole19922021P/FAOM
WilliamsTerrance17BlackPAPhiladelphiaH, JVPR, WH, NW, KP, WT, PLMurder13 1/2 to 27 years19852020P/FAOM
WilsonHarold C.30BlackPAPhiladelphiaHPR, NWMurderDeath19892005DNAOM
WilsonTheophalis17BlackPAPhiladelphiaCDC, CIU, CV, H, JVPR, WH, NW, KP, WTMurderLife without parole19932020P/FAF/MFEOMILD
WrightAnthony20BlackPAPhiladelphiaH, IO, SAOF, WH, NW, WT, INT, PJMurderLife without parole19932016DNAFCP/FAOM
YarrisNicholas20WhitePADelawareH, JI, SAPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurderDeath19822003DNAMWIDFCP/FAF/MFEOMILD