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A Project of the University of California Irvine Newkirk Center for Science & Society,
University of Michigan Law School & Michigan State University College of Law


How to use the Registry. First, scroll down until you s​ee the list of names. To sort any of the columns, place the cursor over a column heading, such as AGE, and click on the arrow. You can sort in alphabetical or chronological order or click on a particular value to select just the cases in that category. You can sort on more than one column or even multiple columns: such as STAT​E and COUNTY and CRIME.

The two columns with "Tags" in their labels allow you to sort cases by additional characteristics. At the top of the page, you will see the listing of the various Tags. To see more detailed definitions for these terms, hover over their full names or click on the links. You can only sort for one variable at a time in the TAG columns. To sort for several at once, please download our data as a spreadsheet.


OM Tags

  • PR: Prosecutor Misconduct
  • OF: Police Officer Misconduct
  • FA: Forensic Analyst Misconduct
  • CW: Child Welfare Worker Misconduct
  • WH: Withheld Exculpatory Evidence
  • NW: Misconduct That Is Not Withholding Evidence
  • KP: Knowingly Permitting Perjury
  • WT: Witnes​s Tampering Or Misconduct Interrogating Co-defendant
  • INT: Misconduct In Interrogation of Exoneree
  • PJ: Perjury By Official
  • PL: Prosecutor Lied In Court

The six columns on the far right of this page display separately the Contributing Factors that contributed to the wrongful conviction. To save space, we use abbreviations. To see definitions of these factors, click on their full names:

​Keyword Filter:

Connected to: National Registry of Exonerations

To search the Registry for a name or keyword, type in the [Search] box. The filter finds cases that contain any of the words you enter if you check Or, or all of them if you check And. Do not use quotation marks. It allows truncation, but not with truncation symbols such as * and !​

OM Tags
Count= 76
AbbittJoseph31BlackNCForsythCV, IO, SAChild Sex AbuseLife19952009DNAMWID
AllenDerrick19BlackNCDurhamCV, H, P, SA, SBSPR, NWMurder43 3/4 to 54 years19992016P/FAF/MFEOMILD
AmersonQuincy24BlackNCHarnettCV, H, IO, JI, NCFA, WH, NW, PJMurderLife without parole20012024P/FAF/MFEOMILD
ArmstrongLaMonte38BlackNCGuilfordCDC, H, IO, JIOF, WHMurderLife19952013DNAP/FAF/MFEOM
BlackmonJames26BlackNCWakeH, PMurderLife19882019FC
BridgesTimothy22WhiteNCMecklenburgIO, SAOF, WH, NW, WTSexual AssaultLife19912016DNAP/FAF/MFEOM
BrittTimothy37WhiteNCRobesonCV, NC, SAPR, OF, WH, NW, INT, PJChild Sex Abuse25 to 30 3/4 years20132017FCP/FAOMILD
BrownKeith25BlackNCWilsonCV, P, SASexual Assault35 years19931999DNAFC
BrownLeon15BlackNCRobesonCDC, CV, H, JV, SAPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurderDeath19842014DNAFCP/FAOM
Brown, Jr.Knolly37BlackNCEdgecombCV, P, SAChild Sex Abuse5 to 6 3/4 years20092016DNAMWIDF/MFE
CarmonDarron19BlackNCPittOF, WH, NW, WTRobbery14 to 40 years19942022MWIDP/FAOMILD
CarverMark39WhiteNCGastonH, IOPR, FA, WH, NW, PJMurderLife20112022DNAP/FAF/MFEOMILD
ChapmanGlen Edward24BlackNCCatawbaHPR, OF, WH, NW, PJMurderDeath19942008P/FAOMILD
Chavis, Jr.Benjamin23BlackNCNew HanoverA, CDCPR, WH, NW, KP, WTAssault34 years19722012P/FAOM
CottonRonald22BlackNCAlamanceSASexual AssaultLife19851995DNAMWIDF/MFE
DailDwayne Allen17WhiteNCWayneCV, IO, JV, SAChild Sex AbuseLife19892007DNAMWIDF/MFE
DanielsErick14BlackNCDurhamJVPR, WHRobbery10 to 14 years20012008MWIDOMILD
DudleyHoward34BlackNCLenoirCV, IO, NC, SAPR, OF, CW, WH, NW, WTChild Sex AbuseLife19922016P/FAOMILD
EppsReginald17BlackNCNew HanoverA, CDC, JVPR, WH, NW, KP, WTAssault28 years19722012P/FAOM
EvansTimothy18BlackNCDurhamCDC, H, IOMurder45 years20092024FCP/FA
FinchCharles38BlackNCWilsonH, IOOF, WH, NW, WT, PJMurderDeath19762019MWIDP/FAF/MFEOMILD
GarnerTerence16BlackNCJohnstonJVAttempted Murder32 to 43 years19982002MWIDP/FA
GellAlan20WhiteNCBertieCDC, HPR, OF, WH, NW, WT, PLMurderDeath19982004P/FAF/MFEOM
GrantIsrael19BlackNCMecklenburgNCRobbery18 1/2 to 23 7/8 years20072019P/FAILD
GrimesWillie41BlackNCCatawbaIO, SASexual AssaultLife19882012MWIDF/MFE
HoffmanJonathon41BlackNCUnionHPR, WH, NW, KP, WTMurderDeath19962007P/FAOM
HowardDarryl29BlackNCDurhamA, CV, H, IO, SAPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, PJ, PLMurder80 years19952016DNAP/FAOM
HuntDarryl19BlackNCForsythH, JI, SAPR, WH, WTMurderLife19852004DNAMWIDP/FAF/MFEOM
HuntDarryl18BlackNCForsythCDC, HMurder40 years19871990MWIDP/FAF/MFE
IsbellTeddy35BlackNCBuncombeCDC, JI, PPR, OF, WH, NW, WTAccessory to Murder3 years20032015DNAFCP/FAOMILD
JacobsJerry18BlackNCNew HanoverA, CDC, PHPR, WH, NW, KP, WTAssault29 years19722012P/FAOM
JeanLesly22BlackNCOnslowSAPR, WHSexual AssaultLife19821991DNAMWIDOM
JohnsonKevin24BlackNCDurhamCDC, IOPR, OF, WH, NW, WTAttempted Murder24 2/3 to 30 5/12 years20102023MWIDP/FAOM
JonesLevon 28BlackNCDuplinCDC, HOF, WHMurderDeath19932008P/FAOMILD
KagonyeraKenneth20BlackNCBuncombeCDC, H, JI, PPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurder12 to 15 years20012011DNAMWIDFCP/FAOMILD
KellyRobert40WhiteNCChowanCSH, CV, NC, SAPR, OF, CW, WH, NW, WT, PJChild Sex AbuseLife19921997P/FAF/MFEOM
LambLarry36BlackNCDuplinCDC, H, IOOF, WHMurderLife19932013P/FAOMILD
LoganCurtis33BlackNCWakeNC, POF, WHDrug Possession or SaleProbation20202020P/FAOM
LongRonnie20BlackNCCabarrusIO, SAOF, FA, WH, NW, WT, PJSexual AssaultLife19762020MWIDP/FAF/MFEOM
MasseyShawn Giovanni25BlackNCMecklenburgCV, IO, SAOF, WHKidnapping11 1/2 to 15 1/4 years19992010MWIDOM
MatthewsErnest20BlackNCDuplinCDC, H, PPR, WHMurder20 years19932016P/FAOM
McCollumHenry19BlackNCRobesonCDC, CV, H, SAPR, OF, WH, NW, INTMurderDeath19842014DNAFCP/FAOM
McEachernToney34BlackNCRobesonCV, NC, SAChild Sex AbuseLife19931998P/FA
McInnisEdward27BlackNCScotlandIO, P, SASexual AssaultLife19882015DNAFCP/FAILD
McKoyJames17BlackNCNew HanoverA, CDC, JVPR, WH, NW, KP, WTAssault29 years19722012P/FAOM
MillsDamian20BlackNCBuncombeCDC, H, JI, PPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurder12 years20012015DNAFCP/FAOMILD
MooreWayne18BlackNCNew HanoverA, CDCPR, WH, NW, KP, WTAssault29 years19722012P/FAOM
MorenoNoe26HispanicNCMecklenburgH, P, IOMurder18 to 22 years20072012ILD
ParkerMichael35WhiteNCHendersonCSH, CV, IO, NC, SAPR, CW, WH, NW, WTChild Sex AbuseLife19942014P/FAF/MFEOMILD
PatrickMarvin18BlackNCNew HanoverA, CDCPR, WH, NW, KP, WTAssault29 years19722012P/FAOM
PierpointJonathan Scott28WhiteNCMadisonCV, NC, IO, SAChild Sex AbuseLife19922010P/FAF/MFE
RasheedAbdul21BlackNCDurhamIOOF, NW, WTRobbery14 7/12 to 19 years19992021P/FAOM
RiveraAlfred25HispanicNCForsythCDC, HPR, NWMurderDeath19971999P/FAOM
SandyBarshiri32BlackNCWakeCDC, NCPR, WH, NW, KP, WTRobbery21 years20142016P/FAOM
SharpeDontae18BlackNCPittH, IOPR, OF, WHMurderLife19952019P/FAOMILD
Shaw Willie43BlackNCMecklenburgIO, NC, P, SAOther Violent Felony8 2/3 to 11 5/1220162021FCF/MFEILD
SheltonHorace51BlackNCBuncombeForgery10 7/12 to 13 1/2 years20122014MWIDILD
ShepardAnn33WhiteNCNew HanoverCDC, F, PHPR, WH, NW, KP, WTOther Violent Felony15 years19722012P/FAOM
ShreveThomas31WhiteNCOnslowM, NCThreatsProbation19881989
SladeParrish21BlackNCMooreCV, NC, SAPR, OF, WH, NW, PJChild Sex AbuseLife19892012P/FAOMILD
SledgeJoseph34BlackNCBladenH, IO, JI, SAPR, WH, NW, WTMurderLife19782015DNAP/FAF/MFEOM
SmallJohnny15WhiteNCNew HanoverCDC, H, IO, JVPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WTMurderLife19892016P/FAOM
SmithSylvester32BlackNCBrunswickCV, SAChild Sex AbuseLife19842004P/FA
SnipesSteven 35BlackNCLeeRobbery7 years and 6 months19982003MWIDILD
SurprisHenry34BlackNCWakeCDC, NCPR, WH, NW, KP, WTRobbery10 years20142016P/FAOM
TaylorGregory28WhiteNCWakeH, JIPR, FA, WH, NWMurderLife19932010DNAP/FAF/MFEOM
TindallConnie21BlackNCNew HanoverA, CDC, PHPR, WH, NW, KP, WTAssault31 years19722012P/FAOM
VereenWillie17BlackNCNew HanoverA, CDC, JVPR, WH, NW, KP, WTAssault29 years19722012P/FAOM
WatersLeo30WhiteNCOnslowSASexual AssaultLife19822003DNAMWID
WeaverDavid40BlackNCWakeNC, POF, WH, NWDrug Possession or Sale2 years and 11 months to 4 years and 3 months20202022P/FAOM
WilcoxsonRobert21BlackNCBuncombeCDC, H, JI, PPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurder12 1/2 to 15 3/4 years20022011DNAMWIDP/FAOMILD
Williams, Jr.Larry16BlackNCBuncombeCDC, H, JI, JV, PPR, OF, WH, NW, WT, INTMurder10 years20022015DNAMWIDFCP/FAOMILD
WilsonKathryn Dawn22WhiteNCChowanCSH, CV, F, NC, SAPR, OF, CW, WH, NW, WTChild Sex AbuseLife19931997P/FAF/MFEOM
WombleWillie21BlackNCGranvilleHOF, NW, INTMurder80 years19762014FCOM
Wright, Jr.William18BlackNCNew HanoverA, CDC, PHPR, WH, NW, KP, WTAssault29 years19722012P/FAOM