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A Project of the University of California Irvine Newkirk Center for Science & Society,
University of Michigan Law School & Michigan State University College of Law

To Search or Sort: Place the cursor over a column heading and click on the arrow arrow You can then sort in Ascending or Descending order or click on a particular value to select the cases in that category.

The two columns with "Tags" in their labels allow you to sort and search cases by each of several additional characteristics. To see more detailed definitions for some of these terms, hover over their full names or click on the links:

The six columns on the far right of this page display separately the Contributing Factors that are listed together on the Summary Page. To save space, we use abbreviations. To see definitions of these factors, click on their full names:

Tags displays 15 variables
for all exonerations

OM Tags displays 11 variables
for cases with Official Misconduct

  • PR: Prosecutor Misconduct
  • OF: Police Officer Misconduct
  • FA: Forensic Analyst Misconduct
  • CW: Child Welfare Worker Misconduct
  • WH: Withheld Exculpatory Evidence
  • NW: Misconduct That Is Not Withholding Evidence
  • KP: Knowingly Permitting Perjury
  • WT: Witness Tampering Or Misconduct Interrogating Co-defendant
  • INT: Misconduct In Interrogation of Exoneree
  • PJ: Perjury By Official
  • PL: Prosecutor Lied In Court

Age: The exoneree's age on the date of the reported crime


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Connected to: National Registry of Exonerations

The Filter finds cases that contain any of the words you enter if you check Or, or all of them if you check And. It is not a search that works with quotation marks. It does work with truncation, but not with truncation symbols such as * and !. It scans the Detailed and Summary Views, and the narrative summaries.

Note: An asterisk (*) in the column to the right of the "DNA" column means that the case is not included in the Innocence Project's list of DNA exonerations because post-conviction DNA evidence was not central to establishing innocence, and other non-DNA factors were essential to the exoneration.

OM Tags
Count= 162
AdamsKenneth21BlackILCookCDC, H, IO, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WTMurder75 years19781996DNAMWIDP/FAF/MFEOM
AdamsLaurence19BlackMASuffolkH, JIPR, WH, NW, KP, WTMurderDeath19742004P/FAOMILD
AllenDennis36BlackTXDallasCDC, CIU, H, IO, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WT, PJ, PLMurderLife20002019DNA*MWIDP/FAOM
AllenDonovan18WhiteWACowlitzH, IO, JIMurderLife without parole20022015DNAFCP/FA
AmickMichael32WhiteMOOregonA, H, JIMurderLife20112016ILD
AmrineJoseph28BlackMOColeH, JIOF, WH, NW, WTMurderDeath19862003P/FAOMILD
ArciliaresVictor21HispanicRIProvidenceH, JIMurderLife20132016P/FA
ArmstrongLaMonte38BlackNCGuilfordCDC, H, IO, JIOF, WHMurderLife19952013DNA*P/FAF/MFEOM
AveryWilliam25BlackWIMilwaukeeH, JIOF, WH, NWMurder40 years20052010DNAFCP/FAOM
AyersDavid42BlackOHCuyahogaH, IO, JIOF, WH, NW, WTMurderLife without parole20002011DNAP/FAOM
BarnesSteven19WhiteNYOneidaCV, H, IO, JIMurder25 to Life19892009DNAMWIDP/FAF/MFE
BeardJacob34WhiteWVPocahontasCDC, H, JIMurderLife without parole19932000P/FAF/MFE
BeckettDale33BlackOHLucasH, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WT, PJMurder15 to Life19972003MWIDP/FAOM
BennettHassan23BlackPAPhiladelphiaCDC, H, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurderLife without parole20082019P/FAOMILD
BerryDeMarlo18BlackNVClarkCIU, H, IO, JIPR, OF, WH, NWMurderLife19952017MWIDP/FAOM
BirchRalph18WhiteCTLitchfieldH, IO, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurder55 years19892020DNA*P/FAF/MFEOMILD
BonnerSamuel20BlackCALos AngelesH, JIPR, WH, NW, KP, PLMurderLife without parole19832019P/FAOM
BootsChristopher19WhiteORLaneH, JIMurder20 to Life19871995DNA*P/FAF/MFE
BoutoRobert17WhiteILCookCV, H, IO, JIOF, WH, NW, WT, PJMurder45 years19962018P/FAOM
BoyceDavid19WhiteVANewport News CityH, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, PJMurderLife19912013DNA*MWIDP/FAF/MFEOMILD
Boyd, Jr.Kenneth Wayne22BlackTXShelbyCV, H, JIPR, WH, NWMurderLife19992013P/FAOM
BrewerKennedy21BlackMSNoxubeeCV, H, IO, JIFA, WH, NW, PJMurderDeath19952008DNAP/FAF/MFEOM
BrownJoyce Ann33BlackTXDallasF, H, IO, JIPR, WH, NW, KPMurder25 to Life19801990MWIDP/FAOM
BrownRoy29WhiteNYCayugaH, IO, JIPR, WHMurder25 to Life19922007DNAP/FAF/MFEOM
BurrellAlbert30WhiteLAUnionCDC, H, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WTMurderDeath19872001P/FAOM
BurtonDarryl22BlackMOColeH, IO, JIPR, WH, NW, KPMurderLife19852008P/FAOM
CarnevaleDaniel29WhitePAAlleghenyA, H, IO, JI, NCPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, PLMurderLife without parole20072020MWIDP/FAF/MFEOMILD
ChampagneRaymond23WhiteMANorfolkH, IO, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, WT, PJMurderLife without parole19792020P/FAOMILD
ChanceClarence23BlackCALos AngelesH, IO, JIOF, WH, NW, WTMurderLife19751992P/FAOM
ChapmanJustin27WhiteGAHaralsonA, H, JIPR, WH, NW, KP, PLMurderLife20072016P/FAOMILD
ClarkJeffrey21WhiteKYMeadeH, IO, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, PJ, PLMurderLife19952018DNA*P/FAF/MFEOM
CottonMarvin21BlackMIWayneCIU, H, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WT, PLMurderLife without parole20012020P/FAOMILD
CruzRobert33HispanicAZMaricopaH, JIPR, WHMurderDeath19811995P/FAOM
CruzRolando19HispanicILDuPageCDC, CV, H, JIPR, OF, FA, WH, NW, PJMurderDeath19851995DNAFCP/FAF/MFEOM
DandridgeBeniah Alton29WhiteALMontgomeryCDC, H, JIPR, NW, KPMurderLife19962015P/FAF/MFEOMILD
DavisRicky20WhiteCAEl DoradoCDC, H, IO, JIOF, NW, WTMurder16 to life20052020DNAP/FAOMILD
DeebMuneer23OtherTXMcLennanCDC, CV, H, JIMurderDeath19851993P/FAF/MFE
DeJacLynn30WhiteNYErieCV, F, H, JI, NCMurder25 years19942008DNA*P/FA
DillonWilliam21WhiteFLBrevardCDC, H, IO, JIOF, FA, WH, NW, WT, PJMurderLife19812008DNAMWIDP/FAF/MFEOM
DuBoiseRobert18WhiteFLHillsboroughCIU, H, IO, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, PJ, PLMurderDeath19852020DNAP/FAF/MFEOM
DukesCarl19BlackNYAlbanyCDC, H, IO, JIOF, WH, NW, WT, INTMurder39 to life19982016FCP/FAOM
FainCharles33WhiteIDCanyonCV, H, JIPR, WH, NW, WTMurderDeath19832001DNAP/FAF/MFEOM
FlowersCurtis26BlackMSMontgomeryH, IO, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WT, PJ, PLMurderDeath19972020MWIDP/FAF/MFEOM
FogleLewis24WhitePAIndianaCDC, CV, H, IO, JIOF, WH, NW, WTMurderLife without parole19822015DNAP/FAOM
FreseGeorge20Native AmericanAKFairbanksCDC, CV, H, IO, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, PJ, PLMurder40 years19992015MWIDFCP/FAF/MFEOM
FritzDennis22WhiteOKPontotocH, IO, JIPR, WHMurderLife19881999DNAP/FAF/MFEOM
GagnonRichard32WhiteSCHorryH, JIMurderLife without parole20082015DNAP/FA
GarciaRoy Lopez45HispanicCASanta ClaraH, JIMurderLife20002006P/FA
GardinerKenneth21WhiteGAChathamH, IO, JIOF, WH, NW, WTMurderLife19922018P/FAF/MFEOM
Garry, Jr.Edward20HispanicNYBronxH, IO, JIPR, WHMurder25 to life19972018MWIDP/FAOM
GaugerGary41WhiteILMcHenryH, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, PJMurderDeath19931996FCP/FAOM
GibbsBarry38WhiteNYKingsH, IO, JIOF, WH, NW, WTMurder20 to Life19882005P/FAOM
GirdlerRay36WhiteAZYavapaiA, CV, H, JI, NCPR, FA, WH, NW, PLMurderLife19821991P/FAF/MFEOM
Gladden David36BlackPADauphinA, CDC, H, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurderLife19952007P/FAOM
GoldsteinThomas Lee30WhiteCALos AngelesH, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WTMurder25 to Life19802004MWIDP/FAOM
GrahamMichael23WhiteLAUnionH, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WTMurderDeath19872000P/FAOM
GrayPaula17BlackILCookF, H, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WT, INTMurder50 years19782002DNAMWIDFCP/FAF/MFEOM
GuandiqueIngmar19HispanicDCH, JIPR, WH, NW, KPMurder60 years20102016P/FAOM
HallHarold37BlackCALos AngelesH, JIOF, WH, NW, INTMurderLife19902004FCP/FAOM
HallPaula36WhiteMOChristianCDC, F, H, JIPR, WHMurder20 years20092013P/FAOM
HalsteadDennis26WhiteNYNassauCDC, CV, H, IO, JIOF, NW, WTMurder33 years and 4 months19862005DNAP/FAF/MFEOM
HamiltonLacino19BlackMIWayneCIU, H, IO, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WT, PJ, PLMurder52 to 82 years19952020DNA*P/FAOM
HansenMichael27WhiteMNDouglasCV, H, IO, JI, NCMurder14 years and 6 months20062011P/FAF/MFE
HardinGarr Keith22WhiteKYMeadeH, IO, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, PJ, PLMurderLife19952018DNA*FCP/FAF/MFEOM
HashMichael15WhiteVACulpeperCDC, H, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, PJ, PLMurderLife without parole20012012P/FAOMILD
HeinsChad18WhiteFLDuvalH, JI, IOMurderLife19962007DNAP/FAF/MFE
HernandezAlejandro19HispanicILDuPageCDC, CV, H, JIPR, OF, FA, WH, NW, INT, PJMurderDeath19851995DNAFCP/FAF/MFEOM
HighersRaymond20WhiteMIWayneH, JIMurderLife without parole19882013MWIDP/FA
HighersThomas21WhiteMIWayneH, JIMurderLife without parole19882013MWIDP/FA
HoltonRudolph33BlackFLHillsboroughCV, H, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, PLMurderDeath19872003DNA*MWIDP/FAOM
Housler, Jr.David19WhiteTNMontgomeryH, JIMurderLife without parole19972014FCP/FAILD
IglesiasGeraldo24HispanicILCookCIU, CV, H, IO, JIOF, WH, NW, WT, PJMurder35 years19942019MWIDP/FAOM
Jackson-KnightEric21BlackNYKingsA, H, JI, NCPR, OF, FA, WH, NW, KP, PJMurder25 to Life19801994FCP/FAF/MFEOMILD
JimersonVerneal25BlackILCookCDC, H, IO, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WTMurderDeath19851996DNAMWIDP/FAF/MFEOM
JohnsonKareem18BlackPAPhiladelphiaH, JIMurderDeath20072020P/FAF/MFEILD
JonesDewey30WhiteOHSummitH, IO, JIPR, WHMurderLife19952014DNA*MWIDP/FAOM
JonesMark20WhiteGAChathamH, IO, JIOF, WH, NW, WTMurderLife19922018P/FAF/MFEOM
KagonyeraKenneth20BlackNCBuncombeCDC, H, JI, PPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurder12 to 15 years20012011DNAMWIDFCP/FAOMILD
KezerJoshua17WhiteMOScottH, JIPR, WHMurder60 years19942009DNA*MWIDP/FAOM
KimbellThomas32WhitePALawrenceCV, H, JIMurderDeath19982002DNA*P/FA
KitchenRonald22BlackILCookCV, H, IO, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, INTMurderDeath19902009FCP/FAOM
KogutJohn19WhiteNYNassauCV, H, IO, JIOF, NW, INTMurder33 years and 4 months19862005DNAFCP/FAF/MFEOM
KunzeDavid44WhiteWAClarkCV, H, JIPR, WHMurderLife without parole19972001P/FAF/MFEOM
KussmaulRichard21WhiteTXMclennanCDC, CV, H, IO, JIOF, WH, NW, WT, INTMurderLife without parole19942019DNAMWIDP/FAF/MFEOMILD
LaBatteBeth24WhiteWIKewauneeF, H, IO, JIMurderLife19972006DNA*FCP/FA
LaneLionel33BlackILKaneH, JIMurder60 years19951995P/FA
Lee, Jr.Lawrence William25WhiteGAWayneCDC, CV, H, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WTMurderDeath19872015P/FAOMILD
LegionAnthony27BlackMIWayneCIU, H, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WT, PLMurderLife without parole20012020P/FAOM
LiskerBruce17WhiteCALos AngelesH, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, PJMurder16 to Life19852009P/FAF/MFEOMILD
LivelyCharles Jason27WhiteWVMcDowellA, H, IO, JI, NCMurderLife20062020P/FAF/MFEILD
LobatoKirstin18WhiteNVClarkF, H, IO, JIMurder40 to 100 years20022017FCP/FAF/MFEILD
LucciDominic22WhiteGAChathamH, IO, JIOF, WH, NW, WTMurderLife19922018P/FAF/MFEOM
MaciasFederico31HispanicTXEl PasoCDC, H, JIMurderDeath19841993P/FAILD
MartinezJoaquin Jose23HispanicFLHillsboroughH, JIPR, WH, NW, KP, PLMurderDeath19972001P/FAOM
MaxwellBobby Joe29BlackCALos AngelesH, JIPR, WH, NW, KPMurderLife without parole19842018P/FAF/MFEOM
McCulloughJack18WhiteILDekalbCV, H, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WTMurderLife20122016MWIDP/FAOMILD
McGheeCurtis17BlackIAPottawattamieCDC, H, JI, PPR, OF, WHMurderLife19782011P/FAOMILD
Miller, Jr.Jesse17BlackFLPalm BeachH, JIMurderLife20092014P/FAF/MFEILD
MillsDamian20BlackNCBuncombeCDC, H, JI, PPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurder12 years20012015DNAFCP/FAOMILD
MontoyaLorenzo14HispanicCODenverH, JI, IOOF, NW, INTMurderLife without parole20002014DNA*FCP/FAOMILD
MozeeStanley39BlackTXDallasCIU, H, IO, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, INT, PJ, PLMurderLife20002019DNA*FCP/FAOM
MunsonAdolph37BlackOKCusterH, JIPR, OF, FA, WH, NW, KP, WT, PJMurderDeath19851995MWIDP/FAF/MFEOM
NelsonTerry Lee37WhiteILSt. ClairH, JIMurder40 years19891994P/FA
NolleyJohn22BlackTXTarrantCIU, H, IO, JIPR, WH, NW, KP, WT, PLMurderLife19982018DNA*P/FAF/MFEOM
OgrodWalter23WhitePAPhiladelphiaCIU, CV, H, JIPR, OF, FA, WH, NW, KP, INT, PJ, PLMurderDeath19962020DNA*FCP/FAF/MFEOMILD
OwensJames L.22WhiteMDBaltimore CityCDC, H, JIPR, WHMurderLife19882008DNA*P/FAOM
Oxley, Jr.Wayne39WhiteNYSt. LawrenceH, JIMurder25 to life20062012P/FA
PeaseKevin19Native AmericanAKFairbanksCDC, CV, H, IO, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, PJ, PLMurder60 years19992015MWIDP/FAF/MFEOM
PenalverSeth21WhiteFLBrowardH, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, WT, PJMurderDeath19992012P/FAOM
PeraltaDavid23HispanicGADeKalbH, JIMurderLife20012013MWIDP/FA
PetersonJamie Lee21WhiteMIKalkaskaH, IO, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, INT, PJMurderLife without parole19982014DNAFCP/FAOM
PetersonLarry36BlackNJBurlingtonH, JI, IOMurderLife19892006DNAP/FAF/MFE
PiaskowskiMichael43WhiteWIBrownH, JIOF, WH, NW, WTMurderLife19952001P/FAOM
PorterKerry34BlackKYJeffersonH, IO, JIMurder60 years19982011DNA*MWIDP/FA
PottsClinton30WhiteOKMuskogeeH, JIPR, WH, NW, KPMurderLife without parole20092012P/FAOMILD
PowellBenny26BlackCALos AngelesH, IO, JIOF, WH, NW, WTMurderLife19751992P/FAOM
ProctorEric18WhiteORLaneH, JIMurderLife19861995DNA*P/FAF/MFE
RaingeWillie20BlackILCookCDC, H, IO, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WTMurderLife19781996DNAMWIDP/FAF/MFEOMILD
RamirezJesus48HispanicTXLambH, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, WT, PJMurderLife19982008MWIDP/FAOMILD
ReasonoverEllen24BlackMOSt. LouisF, H, IO, JIPR, WH, NW, KP, WT, PLMurderLife19831999P/FAOMILD
ReevesMarvin29BlackILCookA, CDC, CV, H, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KPMurderLife without parole19912009P/FAOM
RestivoJohn25WhiteNYNassauCDC, CV, H, IO, JIOF, NW, WTMurder33 years and 4 months19862005DNAP/FAF/MFEOM
RichardsonJames Joseph31BlackFLDeSotoCV, H, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WTMurderDeath19681989P/FAOM
Rivera Juan19HispanicILLakeCV, H, IO, JIOF, NW, INTMurderLife19932012DNAMWIDFCP/FAF/MFEOM
RobertsJason16WhiteSCLaurensCDC, H, JIMurderLife19952005P/FAILD
RobertsMarvin19Native AmericanAKFairbanksCDC, CV, H, IO, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, PJ, PLMurder33 years19992015MWIDP/FAF/MFEOM
RobinsonDavid32BlackMOScottH, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WTMurderLife without parole20012018P/FAOMILD
RocketteXavier19BlackWIRacineH, JIMurderLife20032013P/FA
RomanMiguel31HispanicCTHartfordCV, H, IO, JIMurder60 years19902009DNAP/FA
SaginJack39WhiteCAMontereyH, IO, JIMurderLife without parole19862019DNAP/FA
ShorttJames21BlackCALos AngelesCDC, H, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WTMurderLife without parole19822010P/FAOM
SifuentesAlberto22HispanicTXLambH, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, WT, PJMurderLife19982008MWIDP/FAOMILD
SimmersIan16WhiteWAKing H, JIPR, WHMurder46 years and 8 months19962019DNA*FCP/FAOM
SledgeJoseph34BlackNCBladenH, IO, JIPR, WH, NW, WTMurderLife19782015DNAP/FAF/MFEOM
SmithJay C.50WhitePADauphinCV, H, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, PLMurderDeath19861992P/FAF/MFEOM
SmithJoseph32WhiteNYOneidaCV, H, JIOF, WHMurderNot sentenced20022002P/FAOM
SteeseFred28WhiteNVClarkH, JI, PPR, WH, NW, KP, WTMurderLife without parole19952017MWIDFCP/FAOM
SteidlGordon35WhiteILEdgarCDC, H, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurderDeath19872004P/FAOMILD
StewartRonald23WhiteFLBrowardH, JI, PH, PMurder50 years19852019DNA*MWIDP/FA
StewartZackary Lee18WhiteMOGreeneH, JIOF, WHMurderLife without parole20082010DNA*P/FAOM
StreetJohn36WhiteF-MO(Western)FED, H, JIMurderLife without parole20062009P/FA
SwintonAlfred42BlackCTHartfordH, IO, JIMurder60 years20012018DNA*P/FAF/MFE
TaylorGregory28WhiteNCWakeH, JIPR, FA, WH, NWMurderLife19932010DNA*P/FAF/MFEOM
ToneyMichael19WhiteTXTarrantCV, H, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurderDeath19992009P/FAOM
VentEugene17Native AmericanAKFairbanksCDC, CV, H, IO, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, PJ, PLMurder38 years19992015MWIDFCP/FAF/MFEOM
VirgilWilliam35BlackKYCampbellH, IO, JIOF, WH, NW, WT, PJMurder70 years19882017DNA*MWIDP/FAOM
WardRamon18BlackMIWayneCIU, H, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WT, PJMurderLife without parole19952020FCP/FAOM
WatkinsJerry26WhiteINHancockCV, H, JIPR, WHMurder60 years19862000DNAP/FAF/MFEOM
WeimerCrystal23WhitePAFayetteCDC, F, H, IO, JIPR, OF, FA, WH, NW, KP, WT, PJ, PLMurder15 to 30 years20062016P/FAF/MFEOM
WhiteCurtis31BlackVALoudounCDC, H, JIPR, WHMurderNot sentenced19931994P/FAOM
WhitleyDrew32BlackPAAlleghenyH, IO, JIMurderLife19892006DNAMWIDP/FAF/MFE
WhitlockHerbert39WhiteILEdgarCDC, H, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurderLife19872008P/FAOMILD
WilcoxsonRobert21BlackNCBuncombeCDC, H, JI, PPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurder12 1/2 to 15 3/4 years20022011DNAMWIDP/FAOMILD
WilliamsDennis21BlackILCookCDC, H, IO, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurderDeath19781996DNAMWIDP/FAF/MFEOMILD
WilliamsJoe Sidney19BlackTXMcLennanH, JIPR, OF, NW, KP, WTMurderLife19871993DNA*P/FAF/MFEOM
Williams, Jr.Larry16BlackNCBuncombeCDC, H, JI, PPR, OF, WH, NW, WT, INTMurder10 years20022015DNAMWIDFCP/FAOMILD
WilliamsonRonald Keith29WhiteOKPontotocH, IO, JIPR, WHMurderDeath19881999DNAFCP/FAF/MFEOMILD
WilloughbyTroy20WhiteWYSubletteCDC, H, JIPR, WHMurderlife20102012P/FAOM
WilsonJackie21BlackILCookCDC, H, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WT, INT, PJ, PLMurderLife without parole19832020FCP/FAOM
Winfrey, Sr.Richard49WhiteTXSan JacintoH, JIMurder75 years20072010P/FAF/MFE
WongDavid23AsianNYClintonH, JIMurder25 to Life19872004P/FAILD
YarrisNicholas20WhitePADelawareH, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, WTMurderDeath19822003DNAMWIDFCP/FAOMILD