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A Project of the University of California Irvine Newkirk Center for Science & Society,
University of Michigan Law School & Michigan State University College of Law

To Search or Sort: Place the cursor over a column heading and click on the arrow arrow You can then sort in Ascending or Descending order or click on a particular value to select the cases in that category.

The two columns with "Tags" in their labels allow you to sort and search cases by each of several additional characteristics. To see more detailed definitions for some of these terms, hover over their full names or click on the links:

The six columns on the far right of this page display separately the Contributing Factors that are listed together on the Summary Page. To save space, we use abbreviations. To see definitions of these factors, click on their full names:

Tags displays 15 variables
for all exonerations

OM Tags displays 11 variables
for cases with Official Misconduct

  • PR: Prosecutor Misconduct
  • OF: Police Officer Misconduct
  • FA: Forensic Analyst Misconduct
  • CW: Child Welfare Worker Misconduct
  • WH: Withheld Exculpatory Evidence
  • NW: Misconduct That Is Not Withholding Evidence
  • KP: Knowingly Permitting Perjury
  • WT: Witness Tampering Or Misconduct Interrogating Co-defendant
  • INT: Misconduct In Interrogation of Exoneree
  • PJ: Perjury By Official
  • PL: Prosecutor Lied In Court

Age: The exoneree's age on the date of the reported crime

DNA: Post-conviction DNA testing was conducted and contributed to the exoneration.


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Connected to: National Registry of Exonerations

The Filter finds cases that contain any of the words you enter if you check Or, or all of them if you check And. It is not a search that works with quotation marks. It does work with truncation, but not with truncation symbols such as * and !. It scans the Detailed and Summary Views, and the narrative summaries.​​​​

OM Tags
Count= 64
AndersonMarvin18BlackVAHanoverIO, SASexual AssaultLife19822002DNAMWID
BarbourBennett22BlackVAJames CityIO, SASexual Assault10 years19782012DNAMWID
BarnesLamar20BlackVAPortsmouth CityCDC, H, IOPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WT, PJMurderLife20032022MWIDP/FAOMILD
BoyceDavid19WhiteVANewport News CityH, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, PJMurderLife19912013DNAMWIDP/FAF/MFEOMILD
BurnetteVictor26WhiteVARichmond CitySASexual Assault20 years19792009DNAMWIDF/MFE
BushGary56WhiteVAPetersburg CityIORobbery12 years20072018MWID
CarterJosephBlackVANorfolk CityH, IOMurderLife19902021MWIDP/FAILD
CarterWilliam Douglas55WhiteVALoudounNCPR, OF, WH, NW, WTAssault14 years19881992P/FAOM
ChaplinMichael T.24WhiteVAAugustaCV, NC, SAChild Sex Abuse1 year20082009P/FA
CokerEdgar15BlackVAStaffordCV, NC, P, IO, SASexual Assault1 year and 5 months20072014P/FAILD
ContehMaligie19BlackVAFairfaxIOPR, WH, NWRobbery1 year and 11 months20102013MWIDOMILD
CopelandDarrell A.18BlackVAChesepeake CityNCWeapon Possession or Sale5 years20072008
CoxJeffrey22WhiteVARichmond CityHPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WT, PLMurderLife19912001MWIDP/FAOM
CrittleYvonne24WhiteVANewport News CityCV, F, NC, SASexual Assault7 years19881997P/FA
CullipherRicky15WhiteVAHamptonCVPR, OF, NW, INT, PLAssault9 years19972001MWIDFCOMILD
CunninghamCalvin Wayne26BlackVANewport News CitySASexual Assault16 years19812011DNAMWIDF/MFE
DavidsonWillie24BlackVANorfolk CitySASexual Assault20 years19812005DNAMWIDF/MFE
DavisRobert18WhiteVAAlbemarleCDC, CV, H, IO, PMurder23 years20042016FCP/FA
DiamondGarry24WhiteVAPrince WilliamCV, IO, SAPR, OF, WH, NW, WTSexual Assault15 years19772013DNAMWIDF/MFEOM
Dick, Jr.Joseph20WhiteVANorfolk CityCDC, H, P, SAOF, NW, WT, INTMurderLife without parole19992016FCP/FAOM
Dixon, Jr.Malvester51BlackVAMartinsville CityCDCAccessory to MurderNot sentenced20052006P/FA
GrayRussell Leroy20BlackVARichmond CityHMurder52 years19871990MWID
HaasMichael38WhiteVAPowhatanCIU, CV, IO, NC, SAChild Sex AbuseLife19942022P/FAF/MFE
HarwardKeith26WhiteVANewport News CityH, IO, SAPR, FA, WH, NW, WT, PJMurderLife19832016DNAMWIDP/FAF/MFEOM
HashMichael15WhiteVACulpeperCDC, H, JIPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, PJ, PLMurderLife without parole20012012P/FAOMILD
HaynesworthThomas18BlackVARichmond CitySASexual Assault74 years19842011DNAMWID
HonakerEdward33WhiteVANelsonIO, SAPR, WHSexual AssaultLife19851994DNAMWIDP/FAF/MFEOM
HopkinsTroy23BlackVARichmond CityHMurder28 years19902005MWID
KingreaDavid35WhiteVAMontgomeryCV, NC, SAChild Sex Abuse1 year20142022P/FA
LawtonSteven37BlackVANewport News CityCV, NC, SASexual Assault72 years19901997P/FA
LewisCatherine35WhiteVAAppomattoxF, NCPR, WHFraudNot sentenced20192021P/FAOM
LewisGloria64WhiteVAAppomattoxF, NCPR, WHFraudNot sentenced20192021P/FAOM
McAlisterMichael29WhiteVARichmond CityIO, SASexual Assault35 years19862015MWID
McCrayBrian24BlackVANorfolk CityHPR, OF, WHMurder43 years19931994P/FAOM
McLaughlinBruce45WhiteVALoudounCV, NC, SAChild Sex Abuse13 years19982002P/FAF/MFEILD
MonroeBeverly54WhiteVAPowhatanF, H, NCPR, OF, WH, NW, INTMurder22 years19922003FCP/FAF/MFEOM
MontgomeryJohnathan14WhiteVAHamptonCV, IO, NC, SAChild Sex Abuse7 years and 6 months20082013P/FA
MooreCurtis32BlackVAGreensvilleH, PH, SAOF, NW, INTMurderLife19782010DNAFCOM
Morman, Jr.Bobbie18BlackVANorfolk CityIOAttempt, Violent48 years19932021MWIDILD
PrinceChristopher E.18BlackVACulpeperCV, NC, POF, WH, NW, WTBurglary/Unlawful Entry6 to 12 years19941995P/FAOM
ReedyDavey32WhiteVARoanokeA, CV, H, NCMurderLife19882015F/MFE
RozdilskiAustin17WhiteVALynchburg CityNCAssaultNot sentenced20192021P/FA
RuffinJulius28BlackVANorfolk CitySASexual AssaultLife19822003DNAMWID
Scott Winston19BlackVAFairfaxIO, SASexual Assault14 years19762019DNAMWID
SnyderWalter20BlackVAArlingtonIO, SAPR, OF, WH, NW, INT, PJSexual Assault45 years19861993DNAMWIDFCP/FAOM
StevensEmerson32WhiteVALancasterH, IOPR, OF, WH, NW, KP, WTMurderLife19862021P/FAF/MFEOM
TalleyDell23BlackVAHenricoSAPR, OF, WHSexual AssaultNot sentenced19911991MWIDOMILD
ThomasMaverick31BlackVAMartinsville CityCDC, HMurderLife20052006P/FA
ThompsonTeddy16BlackVAHamptonRobbery16 years20012007MWID
ThorneEsther45BlackVANorfolk CityCV, F, NC, SAChild Sex Abuse17 years20142020P/FA
ThurmanPhilip Leon29BlackVAAlexandria CitySASexual Assault31 years19852005DNAMWID
TiceDerek27WhiteVANorfolk CityCDC, H, SAOF, NW, WT, INTMurderLife20002011FCP/FAOMILD
TillmanJervon26BlackVAHenricoIOPR, WHRobbery25 years20092022MWIDOMILD
Tingle, Jr.John25BlackVAVirginia BeachAssault10 years19931994MWID
VasquezDavid36HispanicVAArlingtonH, P, SAMurder35 years19851989DNAMWIDFCF/MFE
WashingtonEarl22BlackVACulpeperH, SAMurderDeath19842000DNAFCF/MFEILD
Watford IIIRoy18BlackVAPortsmouthCV, P, SAChild Sex AbuseProbation19782018DNAP/FA
WeakleyEric16WhiteVACulpeperH, IO, PMurder6 years and 8 months20012022FCP/FA
WebbTroy19BlackVAVirginia BeachSASexual Assault47 years19891996DNAMWIDF/MFE
WeinerMark52WhiteVAAlbemarleNCPR, WH, NW, KP, WTKidnapping8 years20132015P/FAOMILD
WhiteCurtis31BlackVALoudounCDC, H, JIPR, WHMurderNot sentenced19931994P/FAOM
WhitfieldArthur Lee26BlackVANorfolk CitySAOF, WH, NW, WTSexual Assault63 years19822009DNAMWIDOM
WilliamsDanial25WhiteVANorfolk CityCDC, H, P, SAOF, NW, WT, INTMurderLife without parole19992016FCP/FAOM
WilsonEric21WhiteVANorfolk CityCDC, SAOF, WH, NW, WT, INTSexual Assault8 1/2 years19992017FCP/FAOM