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Longest Incarcerations

While the average time spent in prison for all of the exonerees in the National Registry of Exonerations is just under nine years, there have been some prisoners who spent an extraordinary amount of time imprisoned for crimes they did not commit. The Registry calculates prison time from the date of conviction. Therefore, our calculations exclude time spent incarcerated prior to conviction. The following is a list of the exonerees who spent at least 30 years in prison prior to exoneration. 

​Rank​Name​Length of Incarceration​Sentence​Released
Richard Phillips
​45 years and 2 months
​Life without Parole
Ledura Watkins​41 years and 3 months​Life without Parole​2017
Ricky Jackson​39 years and 3 months​Death​2014
Wiley Bridgeman​39 years​Death​2014
Robert Carroll Coney​38 years and 5 months​Life​2004
Willie Womble​38 years and 3 months​80 Years​2014
Walter Lomax​38 years and 3 months​Life​2006
Craig Coley
​37 years and 11 months​Life without Parole​2017
Malcolm Alexander
​37 years and 3 months
​Life without Parole
Joseph Sledge​36 years and 4 months​Life​2015
Frederick Clay​35 years and 11 months​Life without Parole​2017
James Haley​35 years and 10 months​Life without Parole​2008
Fred Weichel​35 years and 8 months​Life without Parole​2017
James Bain​35 years and 7 months​Life​2009
Edward Carter​35 years and 3 months​Life​2010
Anthony Massingill​34 years and 4 months​Life​2014
Michael Hanline​34 years and 2 months​Life without Parole​2014
Kash Register​34 years​Life​2013
Cathy Woods​33 years and 9 months​Life without Parole​2014
​Lewis Fogle​33 years and 5 months​Life without Parole​2015
Marshall Hale​32 years and 9 months​23 1/2 to 47 years​2017
Keith Harward​32 years and 5 months​Life​2016
Peter Limone​32 years and 5 months​Death​2001
Andre Davis​31 years and 5 months​Life​2012
Victor Rosario​31 years and 3 months​Life​2014
Lawrence McKinney​31 years and 1 month​100 years​2009
William Vasquez​30 years and 9 months​25 years to Life​2012
Reginald Adams​30 years and 9 months​Life without Parole​2014
Amaury Villalobos​30 years and 9 months​25 years to Life​2012
Stanley Wrice​30 years and 6 months​Life​2013
Joseph Eastridge​30 years and 6 months​20 years to Life​2005
Rickey Dale Wyatt​30 years and 5 months​99 years​2012
Andrew Wilson​30 years and 4 months​Life without Parole​2017
Laurence Adams​30 years and 1 month​Death​2004
Cornelius Dupree, Jr.​30 years and 1 month​75 years​2010