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Donor Honor Roll 

We are deeply thankful for the generous support we receive from lawyers, researchers, students, foundations and friends of the Registry. Our work depends on it. You can join in the giving here



 $100,000 and Over:
  Frank & Denise Quattrone Foundation 

$50,000- $99,999:
  Park Avenue Charitable Fund

$25,000- $49,000:
  Vital Projects Fund

$10,000- $24,999:
  Loevy & Loevy


$5,000- $9,999:
Phoebe Ellsworth
Samuel Gross

$1,000- $4,999:
Leigh Bienen
Brandon Garrett
  Glenn A. Garber
  The Googasian Firm, P.C.
  Larry Gross in honor of Sam Gross
Sarah Johnston
Lawrence Marshall
Medstar Television, Inc.
Barbara O'Brien
Nancy & Jim Petro
Barry Scheck
Earl Smith
Rob & Jennifer Warden

$500- $999:
  Catherine Grosso
Ronald Huff
Tom Lapinski
Richard Leo 
John Mimbela, Sr.


 $250- $499:
Paul Ciolino
Simon Cole
Saul Kassin
Zieva Konvisser
Michael Radelet 

$100- $249:
Darryl Brown
William Clutter
Avern Cohn
Brian Cutler
Joshua Dressler
Juliana Drous
Keith Findley
Henry Fradella
Martin Hughes
Matthew Johnson
Dale Kinshella in honor of Richard Leo
Cynthia Phillips
Maizie Pusich in honor of Cathy Woods
Donald Salzman
Roger Shuy
James Trainum
Joseph Tully
Robert White
Marvin Zalman

Up to $99:
Albert Alschuler
Karen Amendola
Catherine Bonventre
Gail Brown
Marshall Goldberg
Mark Godsey
Jane Jackson
Kaitlin Jackson
Kasey Jackson
Scott Jackson
Paige Kaneb
Anna Kirkland
Edward Miron
Mark Pendergrast
Maurice Possley
  Daniel Reisberg
Susan Robbins
Rachelle Roll
Joel Samaha
Neil Sass
Kyle Scherr

New donors added quarterly