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Why is Mississippi the Best State in Which to be Exonerated? An Empirical Evaluation of State Statutory and Civil Compensation for the Wrongfully Convicted - Summer 2019 

Few would disagree that wrongful conviction is one of the most grievous harms a member of society can suffer and that those who are wrongfully convicted deserve to be compensated for those injuries. Yet, large numbers of exonerees do not seek compensation and, as explained in Section II, many file unsuccessful claims or lawsuits for compensation. An empirical study of wrongful conviction compensation can teach us valuable lessons about whether, how, and why our remedial aspiration falls short and how we can improve our country’s civil justice response to criminal justice failure. 

Compensation For Exonerees: A Primer - 3 October 2017

Among the most frequently asked questions about exonerations are how, and how many, exonerees get compensated. While the Registry does not have complete data on compensation - which happens many years after we have already researched and posted the exoneration - we give a short primer on what we know about how exonerees get compensated for the years they spent wrongfully imprisoned. Read more.

Key Provisions in Wrongful Conviction Compensation Law - 2020
Courtesy of the Innocence Project, an overview of compensation laws by type and state.

Compensation Chart by State - 22 May 2018
Courtesy of the Innocence Project, a chart that outlines which states offer compensation for the wrongly convicted, and what the process in each state consists of.