There are many doctrinal faculty members, clinicians, and adjunct professors who teach at U of M who are interested in criminal law/procedure and who have practice experience. Below is a list of professors who specifically have criminal defense experience and are available resources for you during your time here.

Mira Edmonds
Office is 3114 Jeffries Hall
Phone number is (734) 647-1964
Email is edmondm@umich.edu 

Samuel R. Gross
Office is 965 Legal Research
Phone number is (734) 764-1519
Email is srgross@umich.edu

Jessica LeFort
Office is 911 Legal Research 
Phone is (734) 647-4036
Email is jlefort@umich.edu

Bridget McCormack
Office is 806 Legal Research 
Phone is (734) 647-0429
Email is bridgetm@umich.edu

Dave Moran
Office is 3024 Jeffries Hall
Phone is (734) 615-5419
Email is morand@umich.edu

Eve Brensike Primus
Office is 835 Legal Research
Phone is (734) 615-6889
Email is ebrensik@umich.edu

Melissa Salinas
Office is 743 Legal Research. 
Phone number is (734) 764-6472 
Email is salinasm@umich.edu

Imran Syed
Office is 3150 Jeffries Hall
Phone is (734)763-0577
Email is galad@umich.edu

Kim Thomas
Office is 3032 Jeffries Hall
Phone number is (734) 647-4054
Email is kithomas@umich.edu