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The Law School uses U-M’s wireless (WiFi) network provided by Information and Technology Services (ITS).


MWireless is the most secure way to use the wireless network and should be used by all U-M faculty, staff and students. Before using the service, you will need to configure settings on your wireless device.


The MGuest Network should be used by U-M faculty, staff and students to obtain the software needed for MWireless access or if the device you are using does not meet 802.1x/WPA2 technical standards. The MGuest Network should also be used by guests. To access MGuest, launch a web browser then enter your email address.

What are the differences between MWireless and MGuest?

MWireless (strongly recommended) MGuest
Most secure wireless network on campus
(all of the data between your laptop and the Access Point is encrypted)
Open network
(some ports/internet services are blocked)
Does NOT require login (after the first login) Requires login each time

You can also configure many handheld devices to use MWireless.

If you have trouble accessing the MWireless/MGuest network, please submit a work request.

Wireless Device Compatibility with Campus WiFi Network

Certain wireless devices that operate in the same frequency as the campus WiFi deployment, such as wireless video cameras, wireless projectors, landline cordless phones, etc., can adversely affect the quality of the wireless connection. The signal from these devices has, in some cases, disrupted access to MWireless or MGuest.
You can help the University maintain a high quality WiFi environment by checking with them before purchasing and installing wireless devices or bringing them in from home. They will help determine if the device is able to co-exist with the campus WiFi environment. To check wireless device compatibility, send a message to
If you experience any problems with poor quality wireless connectivity at the Law School, please submit a work request at work request and LawIT will investigate the issue.