To use many U-M computing services you need to enter your uniqname (which identifies you) and your UMICH password (which authorizes and authenticates you). Additionally, you are required to use Duo two-factor authentication, as an extra security step. 


A computing ID (a three-to eight-letter personal identifier) at U-M is called a uniqname (pronounced "unique name"). It is public information and is printed on your MCard along with your full name. You may tell anyone your uniqname because it will be part of your e-mail address. (Your e-mail address is your If you do not already have a uniqname, the Assistants to the Dean aid new regular faculty in acquiring a uniqname. The Assistant to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs performs the same service for visiting and adjunct faculty and lecturers. New staff should receive their uniqname during their orientation. Law IT can also create uniqnames upon request for guests, visitors, and groups for special purposes.  

UMICH password

Your UMICH password authenticates you—or proves you are who you say you are—when you use most centrally-provided and many Law School-provided computing services.

NEVER tell anyone your UMICH password. Keeping your password secret helps to guard against unauthorized use (or misuse) of U-M computing services in your name and protects against exposure of your personal private information (your social security number, paycheck etc.) stored in Wolverine Access, which is the gateway to all administrative systems at the University.

Your UMICH password is your key to:

Create (or change at any time) your UMICH password. Find out how to select a safe password.

Two factor authentication

Two-factor Authentication means that when you log in, you provide two proofs of your identity. At U-M, that means your password plus Duo.

You have multiple options for using Duo. See this guide for a list of Duo options as well as considerations for each option.

This Duo management page will allow you to manage a device that you have already enrolled in Duo or enroll a new device for use with Duo.

To request assistance with any of these, please submit a work request or ask someone in your department to place a work request for you.