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Student Ceremony Program and Instructions

"Marshals" will lead you throughout the entire program. When you arrive at your seat in the auditorium, a copy of the printed program will be on your seat. Please remain standing until the completion of the National Anthem.

When it is time to walk across the stage, the marshal will ask you to stand, row by row and follow him/her to the bottom of the stairs leading to the stage. One student at a time will walk up the stairs and proceed to the "hooding" area.  Turn your back to the faculty/deans who will be doing the hooding. If you are really tall, you might have to slightly bend your knees and tilt your head back. If you have longer hair, you should lift it out of the hood.  While the faculty member at the microphone (name caller) announces your name, proceed to shake hands with the Dean.  
The photographer will instruct you in the robing area about the photo opportunities on stage. There are two: one shaking hands with the Dean, the other as you exit the stage.

After your photo with the Dean, please proceed across the stage to be presented with your certificate.

Then you will walk off the stage and stop for a photo. The marshal will then direct you up the aisle and back to your seat.

Please keep up a good pace as you walk across the stage, but stop for the photos and try not to bunch up. The marshal leading you up the stairs has been instructed to watch the pace, but we need your help!

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