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"Michigan offers an ideal environment for law students pursuing a doctoral degree. The most critical issue in a doctoral program is the commitment of the faculty. At Michigan, the faculty is extremely dedicated to supporting young scholars in the S.J.D. program."

—Doron Teichman, LLM '02, SJD '05
Assistant Professor, Hebrew University Faculty of Law, Jerusalem, Israel

Doctor of the Science of Law (SJD)

The SJD program is intended for individuals who have exhibited outstanding scholarship and capacity for advanced legal research. SJD applicants are typically engaged in, or plan to pursue, academic law careers. The SJD candidate must have excellent academic credentials and demonstrate the capacity for completing an SJD dissertation of publishable quality which will provide lawyers, scholars, or governmental officials with a useful understanding, not previously available, of a particular area of the law. SJD students devote their energies to researching and writing a doctoral dissertation under the close supervision of a dissertation committee comprised of three faculty members. SJD students benefit not only from expert faculty guidance and close mentorship, the library's extensive collections and other resources of the Law School and the University, but als​o from participating in a Law School colloquium organized for doctoral students. Supervision of doctoral research demands specialized faculty expertise and interest; therefore, some qualified applicants may be denied admission because an appropriate faculty member is not available to serve as dissertation supervisor.

Recent graduates of our SJD program hold academic positions in leading universities around the world. In the last several years, our SJD alumni have joined the law faculties of the University of Tel Aviv, Melbourne University, National Taiwan University, Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and Charles University in Prague, to name a few.

Please review the academic regulations governing the SJD program.

"Genuine interest and support from faculty and administrators from the admission process to the LLM Program throughout the LLM year and the doctoral degree journey makes Michigan Law stand out for both LLM students and SJD candidates. 

The stimulating environment of classes and seminars is further enriched by the collegial collaboration between SJD candidates and Research Scholars from all around the world. A weekly colloquium, professional workshops and our annual Young Scholars Conference create exceptional platforms for SJDs, Research Scholars and faculty commentators to exchange ideas and develop their research projects.

For my comparative and multidisciplinary interests, the close cooperation between Michigan Law and the Lieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies – one of many centers and institutions at UM – was another critical reason for choosing Michigan Law."

Tamar Groswald-Ozery, LLM ’13, SJD candidate
Mandarin Studies, East China Normal University
LL.B., and BA East Asian studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem​

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