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Financial Aid for Graduate Programs

Due to the many outstanding applications we receive, the demand for financial aid always exceeds available funds. Applicants are strongly encouraged to seek public and private outside funding, and to contact their home governments and employers, as well as the U.S. Embassy or Consulate, to seek advice and sponsorship for study abroad. Students admitted to our program often secure outside funding, receiving financial support from employers (law firms, companies, government agencies, and universities), from government and private scholarship organizations, and from loan programs in their home countries. Click this link to download a list of funding resources for international students. The University of Michigan does not endorse any specific program.

Loan programs available to U.S. citizens and permanent residents include federal Stafford Loans, federal Grad PLUS loans, and private loans. Applicants who are US citizens or permanent residents and thus eligible for federal loan programs should contact the Law School Financial Aid Office for more information(; 734.764.5289).

For help comparing loan options. see the University of Michigan FinAidwebsite loan analyzer.

Employment during the academic year is strongly discouraged.

Michigan Law is proud to award the prestigious Michigan Grotius Fellowship to several particularly exceptional LLM students and research scholars. Named after Hugo Grotius, the seventeenth century Dutch jurist generally regarded as the father of modern international law, the fellowships acknowledge superior academic and professional achievement in all areas of law and recognize the promise of a distinguished legal career following graduate study.

In addition, the Law School is pleased to award select LLMs with scholarships made possible by the generous contributions of alumni of the program.

  • The DeWitt Scholarship (for an outstanding LLM candidate from the Philippines)
  • The Italian Law Alumni Scholarship (for eligibility, please see description below)
  • The M. Elaine Johnston Scholarship (for an outstanding LLM candidate with a special focus on antitrust or corporate law)
  • The Joris Scholarship (for an outstanding LLM candidate from Belgium or from another European country)

Italian Alumni Law Fellowship

Michigan Law has a distinguished body of alumni in Italy, many of whom play leading roles in the Italian legal, academic, and business community. In recognition of the value the LLM year in Ann Arbor had for them, they have generously contributed to a scholarship fund to help future applicants, who completed their primary legal studies in Italy, to finance their LLM year at Michigan Law. The Italian Alumni Law Fellowship provides up to $20,000 for the LL.M. program every year.

Students wishing to be considered for a fellowship must complete the financial information in the application form. Applying for financial aid does not affect a candidate's admissions decision. Once admissions decisions have been completed, all admitted students who requested financial aid will automatically be considered for all applicable fellowships.

All of Michigan Law's fellowships are awarded based on a combination of the student's financial need and his or her academic and professional background. In making its selections, the Fellowship Committee evaluates an applicant's commitment to academic excellence, seriousness and depth of purpose and promise of professional success. It takes a particular interest in an applicant's pursuit of a career in academia or public service. In a typical year, between 30 and 40 percent of graduate students attending the University of Michigan Law School have been awarded a fellowship by the Law School.

Our fellowship recipients are free to pursue their chosen program of graduate legal study and are not subject to any additional academic requirements. Past fellowship recipients have become leaders of the legal profession in their respective home countries as well as in the international community - serving on the highest courts of their countries, on international courts, and in prominent positions in government, international organizations, and academic institutions around the world.

Other Funding Sources

Note that typically, the application deadlines for fellowships and scholarship are significantly earlier than law school deadlines. We recommend researching and applying at the latest during the summer before the law school application season.

Applicants with an interest in legal aspects closely related to the theme of "emerging democracy past or present" will be considered for nomination to the Weiser Center for Emerging Democracies at the University of Michigan. Such applicants must apply early to ensure that their materials will be complete at our office before the end of January. Weiser Emerging Democracy fellows are expected to participate in various lectures and conferences of the Center, and to join the Emerging Democracies Graduate Workshop.​​​​​​