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Facilities & Services

Computing Facilities

The Law School community relies on electronic technology to communicate, do legal research, enhance instruction, and conduct administrative business. Computers for student use are distributed throughout the School, although most students have their own laptops. Students whose laptops are equipped with compatible wireless cards enjoy the freedom and mobility offered by the wireless network. For those who prefer working at a desktop, computing facilities and resources also include a computer lab with desktop computers, scanners, and networked printers. The lab is additionally equipped with dedicated LexisNexis printers. Both locations are restricted to Law students only and are staffed on weekdays by lab consultants trained to assist students with wireless and other Law School network-related connectivity issues.

Available software includes applications for word processing, e-mail, and Internet (including access to LexisNexis and Westlaw via the web). Free accounts to LexisNexis and Westlaw are given to all Law students.

International Center

The University of Michigan’s International Center offers services to international students, scholars, and their families traveling to the United States or abroad. Services include visa assistance, health insurance, referrals for child care, and referrals to social and community organizations. The International Center also works with community organizations which provide tours, home hospitality, speaking engagements, and assistance for spouses of international students. In cooperation with nationality clubs and student organizations, a varied program of cultural and social events is offered throughout the year.

Health Insurance and Services

The University requires that all international students, research scholars, and their families have health insurance coverage for medical care and hospitalization in the United States. The International Center will help students and scholars enroll in the mandatory International Student and Scholar Health Insurance Plan. Those who already have health insurance and wish to obtain a waiver of the mandatory plan must contact the International Center to ensure that their coverage is adequate. For additional details, please refer to the information found at the International Center’s health insurance website

University Health Service

The University community is offered a wide range of ambulatory services from fully licensed and experienced health professionals at the health care clinic. Most of the clinic’s services, including general medical, gynecological, eye care, and pharmacy services, are covered by the above mentioned health insurance. Both, the International Center and the UHS, are located within easy walking distance from the Law School.

Services for Students with Disabilities

Virtually all University facilities are wheelchair accessible. Applicants who need assistance or counseling are encouraged to communicate their needs to us as soon as possible, contacting the Center for International and Comparative Law, or the University’s Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (OSSD).

The Law School works closely with the OSSD which exists to ensure the disabled student equal educational opportunity at the University of Michigan. OSSD services include, but are not limited to, assessing a student’s need for modified housing, attendants, interpreters, transportation, classroom and exam accommodations, notetakers, and adaptive equipment.