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Teagan Gregory

  • Michigan Law, 2012, JD, magna cum laude
  • University of Delaware, 2009, BA, International Relations

Life as a Darrow at Michigan Law and Beyond

For Teagan Gregory, the Darrow Scholarship was one of Michigan Law's strongest draws when he was deciding where to attend law school. Today, he considers it one of the best decisions of his life—both personally and professionally. His wife attended the U-M Medical School while Gregory was at the Law School. He loved their adventure in Ann Arbor. "We made a number of lifelong friendships and launched our respective careers from the University of Michigan. At the end of few years in Ann Arbor, we found ourselves in jobs we loved and without the financial limitations that can sometimes accompany a graduate education."

In addition to being a Darrow Scholar at Michigan Law, Teagan wrote for the Michigan Law Review, including the article "Unclaimed Property and Due Process: Justifying ‘Revenue Raising’ Modern Escheat." He also served as co-chair of the Student Funded Fellowships board and as a Legal Practice research assistant and mentor.

What He’s Doing Now

After graduating from Michigan Law, Gregory clerked for The Hon. Gregory M. Sleet of the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware from 2012 to 2013. Today, he is an associate at Williams & Connolly LLP in Washington, D.C., where he focusses on complex civil litigation, including intellectual property and general commercial disputes.

In his time at Williams & Connolly, Gregory has been a member of several trial teams, including the team that tried the first “pay-for-delay” antitrust case following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in FTC v. Actavis and another team that tried a multi-week murder trial in Charles County, Maryland.

In 2018, the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity selected Gregory to participate in its Pathfinder Program for "diverse, high-potential, and early-career attorneys." The program provides its participants with tools to leverage their professional networks by helping them to develop skills in relationship-building and foundational leadership. The ultimate goal is helping new attorneys build strong careers either in-house or in a law firm.

Gratitude to Michigan Law for His Darrow

Gregory believes that the Darrow Scholarship is meaningful to those familiar with it—knowing those receiving it have proven leadership ability, a history of outstanding scholastic achievements, and demonstrate remarkable future career potential. "I think the Darrow Scholar label means something to a certain subset of the legal community, and it certainly holds weight among Michigan alumni. I suspect that it has opened doors for me along the way, some of which I might not even have noticed."

Gregory is grateful to have received the Darrow Scholarship and considers it to be one of his proudest academic achievements. "Not only did it provide a degree of financial flexibility and allow some risk taking but, on a more personal level, it meant a lot to receive a scholarship that has been given to some truly talented and accomplished people."