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If you have applied to the University of Michigan Law School in a previous admissions season and are interested in reapplying, we appreciate your continued interest, and we would be pleased to receive your new application. Please be assured that your previous application does not place you at any disadvantage, whatever the outcome was. You will be competing against our new pool of applicants on an equal footing.

To reapply, you must:

  • submit a new application
  • submit a $75 application fee
  • reregister or maintain your registration with CAS, even if you do not plan to retake the LSAT.
  • If you completed further coursework since your previous application, official transcripts should be sent from your college or university directly to CAS.

If you applied to Michigan Law in the prior admissions season, your previous application materials and letters of recommendation will be on file in our office. We encourage you to supplement your application with information you think would help us evaluate your qualifications. While we recommend that you submit a new personal statement and new letters of recommendation, it is not mandatory. If you would like instead for us to consider your previously filed materials, however, please be sure to specify that clearly in a cover letter with the rest of your application.

For more information, please see out FAQ.