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Letters of Recommendation

Although Michigan requires only one letter of recommendation, applicants are encouraged to submit three. Typically, the most helpful recommendations are from undergraduate or graduate faculty, but letters from employers, particularly for candidates with significant work experience, can provide extremely informative input as well. Recommendations from coaches, volunteer supervisors, or others who know you well and have had the opportunity to review your abilities and contributions may also be worthwhile additions. Personal recommendations, from family friends or others, are generally not helpful.

Letters of recommendation are most helpful when they discuss the extent and nature of the recommender’s acquaintance with the applicant and comment candidly on as many of the following subjects as possible: the applicant’s intellectual and scholarship abilities, capacity for original thought, ability to analyze and critically assess information, quality of oral and written expression, growth potential, achievements, and personality, including interactions with peers and with the recommender.

Letters of recommendation may be sent to us in any one of three ways: Letters may be sent directly by the recommender; they may be sent by a college career or placement office; or they may be sent by the LSAC Letter of Recommendation Service. Each letter of recommendation must be accompanied by a signed declaration of the applicant’s intent regarding access to the letter. While no special form is required generally, letters sent through LSAC should be accompanied by the LSAC form.