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Early Decision Option

We offer a binding Early Decision program for applicants who have considered and investigated their law school options carefully and are confident that the University of Michigan Law School is their clear first choice. In return for the Law School's commitment to give an Early Decision applicant a decision by a particular date, applicants must restrict their law school choices and commit, at the time of application, to attend Michigan Law School if admitted. Applicants to our Early Decision program may apply to other law schools, but may not apply to any other binding early decision programs. If admitted under the Early Decision program, applicants must withdraw any existing applications to other law schools (regardless of the status of those applications), as well as not initiate any new applications. While Early Decision candidates are evaluated for admission according to the same selection criteria that apply to all candidates, their clear enthusiasm for Michigan Law School as their first choice will be taken into account as a positive factor in our evaluation.

Early Decision programs are not for everyone. Students admitted under these programs restrict their law school choice in return for the certainty of learning an admission decision earlier than is typical. While Early Decision applicants are eligible for merit- and need-based financial grants on the same terms as every other admitted student, students for whom financial aid considerations are paramount are not well-suited for this program: Financial aid decisions are not made until later in the season, and those admitted under Early Decision will not have an opportunity to compare awards from other schools. Likewise, students who have not had an opportunity to research law schools thoroughly prior to applying may end up being dissatisfied at having restricted their choices. 

Early Decision applications must be submitted by November 15. Early Decision applicants must take the LSAT no later than the October administration, and must register with LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service no later than October 10. All application components must be received by the Admissions Office by the deadline, with the exception that the LSAC Report and LSAT score may not be available until later if applicants sat for the October LSAT administration. Early Decision applications that are incomplete by the deadline will be automatically considered as part of the regular admissions process, and applicants will be so informed. Early Decision applicants must indicate on the application form that they are applying for the binding program by checking the Early Decision box, as well as by signing the Early Decision certification.  

Early Decision applicants will receive a decision by December 15. Applicants admitted via Early Decision will be required to submit a $600 deposit by January 15.