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Early Decision Option

The Early Decision program is designed for applicants who have considered their law school options carefully and are confident that the University of Michigan Law School is their clear first choice. In return for the Law School’s commitment to give an Early Decision applicant a decision by mid-December, the applicant must commit, at the time of application, to attend the Law School if admitted under the Early Decision program, and to withdraw and/or not initiate applications at other law schools. The Early Decision program at Michigan is limited to those applicants wishing to begin in the summer term: The Early Decision option will benefit summer-start candidates by enabling them to begin planning a few months earlier for the late May starting date.

Early Decision applications must be complete by November 15; all application components, including letters of recommendation and the LSAC Law School Report, must be received by the Admissions Office by that date. An Early Decision applicant must take the LSAT no later than the September/October administration, and must register with CAS no later than October 10. (Applications that are incomplete by the deadline will be considered as part of the regular admissions process, and applicants will be so informed.) The Law School will send a decision no later than December 15. If admitted, the applicant will be expected to begin in the summer term, for which the first day of orientation is May 30, 2017. The deposit deadline for Early Decision–admitted students will be January 15. If no offer of admission is made through the Early Decision program, the applicant will be so informed, and the Law School will continue considering the application for regular admission.

The Early Decision program is not for everyone. Students admitted under this program restrict their law school choice in return for the certainty of learning an admission decision much earlier than is typical. Students for whom financial aid considerations are paramount are not well suited for this program, since financial aid decisions are not made until later in the season. (Early Decision–admitted students are, however, eligible for our merit- and need-based financial grants on the same terms as every other admitted student.) Likewise, students who have not had an opportunity to research law schools thoroughly prior to applying may end up being dissatisfied at having restricted their choices. And finally, because we limit this program to the summer-start term, applicants must be sure that they are capable and willing to begin on May 30.  ​