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How to apply

Applicants use the LSAC FlexApp to apply; it will be available on August 1, and we'll update this page with a direct link once it becomes available for this admissions cycle. 

Despite our efforts to be as transparent as possible, we think it's inevitable that our questions on the FlexApp will raise questions for the applicantsso we provide an annotated version, with all the tips and tricks we can think of. 

After you submit the LSAC FlexApp, we download all that information into a completely different (more aesthetically pleasing and paper-saving) format, and use that for our review. We invite you to take a peek at the reader's-eye view of our application PDF. 

Finally, please note: while providing your Social Security number on the application form is entirely optional, you must provide it to us in order to be processed for federal financial aid, including loans. Therefore, if you do not wish to include the number on your admissions application but do intend to submit the FAFSA, please contact our Financial Aid Office ( to discuss.