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Application Fee

All applications for admission must be accompanied by a $75 application fee or a waiver. Checks or money orders drawn on a U.S. bank should be made payable to the University of Michigan; we cannot accept cash. Applications submitted via LSAC may be paid for with a credit card.

The University of Michigan Law School has established a fund to cover the application fees of individuals who demonstrate financial need. To apply for a waiver, you may print our PDF fee waiver application, and mail or email a completed copy to the Admissions Office. Please note that it is necessary to complete a Fee Waiver Application for Michigan Law only if (1) you have not received an LSAC Fee Waiver, or (2) you have received an LSAC Fee Waiver but are not applying through LSAC (that is, you are using our PDF application). If you have received an LSAC Fee Waiver and are applying via LSAC, LSAC's system will automatically credit you.

For more information, please see our FAQ