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Visiting Students

A limited number of visitors who are currently enrolled in another law school but who have compelling personal reasons for attending Michigan will be admitted to the fall or winter terms, or both. We consider an applicant's previous law school performance in assessing how he or she will integrate into the Michigan Law School community.

Typically, applications for visiting are accepted between May 1 and July 10, but if an issue arises outside of that time frame that leads you to want to explore visiting, simply contact our office to discuss. 

If you wish to apply to be a visiting student, you must submit, or have submitted on your behalf, the following documents directly to Admissions Office:

  1. Application for admission. Use our transfer/visitor admission application available via LSAC between May 1 and July 10. (After you submit via LSAC, we download all that information into a completely different, more aesthetically pleasing, and paper-saving format. We invite you to take a peek at the reader's-eye view of our application PDF.)

  2. Application fee ($75.00). Fee waivers are not available to applicants for visitor admission.

  3. A letter of good standing. This should be sent directly from the Dean (or Dean's designate) at your current law school to us, and should state that you are academically eligible to return to that school. This letter should also state that you will be granted credit by your home school for courses taken at Michigan.

  4. A full, official transcript that includes your most recent semester's grades.  Please have the records office of your current law school send us a copy directly. If your most recent grades have not yet been recorded on your transcript, they may be provided in a letter.

  5. A letter stating your class rank.   Please have the records office of your current law school send us this letter directly. If your class rank is shown on your transcript, you need not provide a separate letter. If your law school does not rank students, please have the records office of your law school send a letter confirming that fact. If you have any other information that will assist in evaluating the strength of your academic performance, please let us know.
  6. A copy of your LSAC report. We can get this in one of three ways:  (A) We will automatically request a report directly from LSAC as soon as we receive your application—but please note that in order for us to receive a new report, you must prepay LSAC for the cost; (B) If we are unable to receive the report because you didn't prepay, we will then automatically check to see if you applied to Michigan Law within the last two admissions seasons, and if so, we'll use the CAS report still on file in our office; (C) If you don't want to pay LSAC for a new report and you didn't apply to us in the recent past, you should ask the records office at your current law school to send us a copy directly.

  7. A letter of academic recommendation from a faculty member at your current law school who has had you as a student. The letter may be sent to us directly by the faculty member.  Alternatively, you may use the LSAC recommender service, in which case we'll need to order your CAS report in order to receive your letter—which means that, as described in paragraph 6 above, you'll need to prepay LSAC for that cost.

  8. A Statement that gives your reasons for requesting visitor status at the University of Michigan Law School.

Please feel free to contact the Admissions Office by telephone (734.764.0537) or by e-mail ( if you have additional questions. You can also drop in via Zoom (Monday-Friday, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. and 3 p.m.-5 p.m.).