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Information for Applicants with Disabilities

For prospective applicants:

If you think you may be entitled to accommodation on the LSAT, whether extra time for a learning disability or some adaptation for a physical disability, you should certainly apply to the Law School Admissions Council; forms are available on the LSAC's website. Often applicants worry that accommodation will reflect negatively on them in the application process, but due to changes in LSAC practices, accommodated scores will no longer be “flagged,” and whether you received accommodations will therefore not be evident to admissions offices. Further, if you are entitled to accommodation and do not utilize it, it is likely that your score will be negatively affected; while we would take into account any contextual information you provide about why the score may not be predictive for you, you would nonetheless be better off simply to have a more favorable score in the first instance. For a detailed FAQ on the subject of accommodated testing, visit the LSAC's website. Please be aware that the accommodation process can be time-intensive, and it would be to your benefit to apply for accommodation well in advance of when you intend to sit for the test.

If you apply for accommodation but the LSAC does not grant it, we would encourage you to provide us with any information that you think would allow us to more accurately gauge your score. Likewise, we encourage you to provide us with any information about your disability that you think is relevant to an evaluation of your academic background, work history, or any other element of your admissions materials.

For admitted applicants:

Michigan Law is strongly committed to supporting those of our students who have physical or learning disabilities. If you think you may be entitled to special disability accommodations from the Law School, please read these instructions for information about how to apply.  It is very helpful if you contact us as early as possible following admission in order to allow us enough time to work closely with you to address any concerns you may have.