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Front of kayak, Huron River

Hot Summer, Cool River

By John Masson
July 22, 2013

Yes, so you may have noticed it's been a bit toasty in the streets around Michigan Law these past few days. If you're a Summer Starter here, you could be forgiven for thinking you'd somehow awakened in Houston, or perhaps on the surface of the sun, if the thermonuclear fusion that lights Old Sol could also somehow sustain a humidity level of 89 percent.

But rest assured, there are ways to beat this heat wave, and still enjoy Ann Arbor outdoors. You could take a rest in the tree-shaded Nichols Arboretum. Or take a trip to Gallup Park, and pick out a bench alongside the mighty Huron River and contemplate the geese and the blue heron.

Or better still, grab a paddle and find the cool, cool water in the middle of the river itself. That's what we did. Here's what it looks like, from the Cascades near the Argo Canoe Livery north of downtown Ann Arbor to the Gallup Park docks.

Check out a YouTube video of a recent Michigan Law trip down the Huron River.

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