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Rosalind Elphick Bio

Rosalind Elphick, LLM '15, is a graduate of ​the University of Cape Town, where she received a BA in media and writing, French and law (2008) and an LLB (2010). She holds an MA, with merit, in human rights from the University of Sydney (2009). Elphick is a recipient of the Michigan Law Grotius Fellowship.

Prior to coming to Ann Arbor, Elphick spent two years working as a legal counselor for Lawyers for Human Rights' Refugee and Migrant Rights Programme. She spent a further two years working at the Supreme Court of South Africa assisting the judges of the court as a law researcher. At Michigan Law, Elphick participated in the Jean C. Pictet Competition in International Humanitarian Law and was awarded a Fellowship in Refugee and Asylum Law, to be completed at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).

Elphick's areas of interest include the jus ad bellum and human rights law, with a particular focus on refugee law. Her publications include Statelessness & Nationality in South Africa (2013, available on Refworld) and Promoting Citizenship and Preventing Statelessness in South Africa: A Practitioner's Guide (2014, Pretoria University Law Press). She has published in several peer-reviewed journals on the topic of disability law (most recently in Childhood and the South African Journal of Human Rights). ​