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​Lorenzo Giovanni Luisetto (Italy)

​Lorenzo Giovanni Luisetto (Italy)Lorenzo Giovanni Luisetto is a Ph.D. student in Comparative and European legal studies from the University of Trento in Italy. Prior to receiving his scholarship to pursue his Ph.D, studies, he received an M.A. in law at the University of Trento. Luisetto received the Giorgio Ghezzi Award - Mention of Merit in 2018 for the adoption of a comparative and multidisciplinary method in his master’s thesis, entitled “Working Conditions at “Amazon”: a Comparison between the United States and Italy.” In 2018 he was a Visiting Researcher at the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), Washington D.C. (USA), and in 2020 he was a Visiting Scholar at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (BE), where he worked at the Institute for Labour Law. His research interests include Comparative Labor and Employment Law, Antitrust Law and EU Law.

Research Focus

Luisetto's research focuses on the interaction between Antitrust Law and Labor and Employment Law. He is conducting a comparative study between the United States’ and the European Union’s models of anti-competition law and their application to labor issues. His research question is based on the ineffectiveness of both Labor and Employment Law in protecting workers and the possibility of antitrust principles providing better protections for workers in different kinds of labor markets. Luisetto argues that antitrust should not only focus on consumer welfare but also on other important interests, such as the welfare of workers. More generally, he believes the goals of anti-competition law should be reconsidered in order to expand protection for labor. 

Period of stay

December 12, 2020 – April 30, 2021