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I have never had better classes than during my year at Michigan. The small groups of genuinely interested students and the dedicated professors made for a terrific academic environment. We had countless discussions about the reasons for specific rules or judgments and the different viewpoints one could take on them. These debates made me think about the underlying causes of legal developments more than I ever had, and helped me understand the issues much more deeply.

ā€“ Judith Schmidt, LLM '10 and 2010-2013 Research Scholar

Graduate and Research Scholar Programs

The University of Michigan Law School has a long and proud tradition of welcoming international students for graduate legal studies. Our graduate students are a diverse and distinguished group. Graduate degree candidates are young law professionals with outstanding legal education and legal experience in their home countries or on the international level.
Each of our graduate degree programs is designed with the overriding goal of enabling students to pursue a course of study reflecting their individual intellectual interests and career objectives. The graduate degree programs are intended primarily for individuals who are trained in law abroad and who wish to engage in comparative legal study, to gain a better understanding of the U.S. legal system, to pursue a field of specialization, and/or to engage in advanced legal research.

In addition to our three-year Juris Doctor (Jā€‹D), the basic law degree in the United States, Michigan Law offers three graduate degree programs: Master of Laws (LLM)Doctor of the Science of Law (SJD), and the Master of Advanced Corporation Law (MACL).

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