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Global Corporate Legal Studies

Michigan Law provides students with a broad and rather unique array of opportunities to learn and study the corporate and securities laws in China, India, Japan, and Korea, as well as other countries. As globalization continues to grow, the importance of understanding laws of other countries, especially fast-growing emerging markets, is critical in modern legal practice. This is reflected in the recent course offerings at Michigan, which have included the Chinese Corporation, International Corporate Governance, Corporate Governance and Stock Market Development in Large Emerging Markets, Cross Border Deal Making, Law and Economic Development in India, Japanese Law, China, the WTO and Globalization, and others.


 Prof. Vic Khanna teaches courses in
Global Corporate Legal Studies.

In addition, Michigan Law offers students opportunities to engage in global business practice through the International Transactions Clinic that has a number of global clients, such as Oikocredit, Habitat for Humanity International and FINCA International. Michigan Law is in the process of creating a first-of-its-kind joint Center for Global Corporate and Financial Law and Policy with Jindal Global Law School in India. The aim of the Center is to enhance understanding and academic investigation of the regulation of financial markets and corporate governance in the U.S., India, and other jurisdictions, while facilitating research, policy analysis, and scholarship in these areas. Examples include joint research into the regulation of the bond markets, stock markets, foreign investment laws, pension reforms, bank regulation, securities regulation, and corporate governance. The Center is expected to be the focal point for a number of activities including:

• Research and legal policy analysis
• Collaborative research and teaching endeavors
• Lectures, conferences, and symposia

Moreover, Michigan has a long history of being actively involved in the formulation and study of corporate and securities laws in various parts of world, including China and Japan.

Every year Michigan welcomes both students and academics from other parts of the world and sends its students and faculty overseas to be involved in global corporate and securities matters. Such exchanges continue to grow as Michigan expands its already considerable global footprint. Moreover, the various workshops, symposia, and other venues at Michigan increasingly invite speakers from overseas or those studying laws overseas to discuss timely and important issues with students and faculty in a vibrant learning environment.

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