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"Studying the Constitutional Law of the European Union with Professor Halberstam, Mathias Reimann, and other notable Michigan professors opened my eyes to Europe's unique approach to issues facing multi-layered governments worldwide. The lessons I learned about subsidiarity, the role of courts in managing power disputes, and competing views on the supremacy of supra-national law, among many other topics, continue to inform my own scholarship on U.S. federalism."

–Robert A. Mikos, '01, Professor of Law, Vanderbilt University Law School

Curriculum and Faculty

Courses and seminars within the European Legal Studies Program focus on European law, legal history and integration. Transnational Law, which introduces students to the international dimensions of law, is the basic course on which further, more specialized international courses, such as European Legal Order, can build.

European Legal Order presents the basic legal architecture of the European Union and focuses on the progression of substantive law from free movement (of goods, persons, services and capital) to common citizenship and fundamental human rights. Students also critically examine the ongoing effort to adopt a constitution for Europe. The course is enriched by the presence of visiting European LL.M. students and scholars enrolled in the class, as well as by prominent European scholars, practitioners, and judges, who co-teach various segments of the class.

The course is taught by Professor Daniel Halberstam, the only law professor in the United States to have clerked both for a justice of the United States Supreme Court and worked for a judge at the Court of Justice for the European Communities.

The European Law Curriculum Interest Area offers a complete listing of current and recently offered courses. A new seminar on Global Constitutionalism will be offered in the Winter 2011 term.


Numerous faculty members at Michigan share a significant focus on Europe in their scholarly work as well as in their teaching activities. Below is a partial listing of these faculty members with an indication of the area(s) of their scholarly interest or teaching that pertains to Europe. A complete list faculty and courses is available in the European Law Curriculum Interest Area.

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