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Course Offerings in International, Comparative, and Foreign Law

The depth and breadth of choices at Michigan are enormous, with opportunities in large classes, small seminars, clinics, and workshops. Although it is difficult to neatly divide our course offerings, one might think of them in terms of two broad categories: (1) international law courses, and (2) foreign and comparative law courses. The list below includes those courses taught in the last five years; in any given year, the Law School will offer about 25 to 30 courses in these areas. Courses are listed under only one heading even though many overlap, so please consult the entire list.

Once students complete Transnational Law (the required introductory course on the international dimensions of law), they may go in a variety of directions. Some students prefer to take a range of courses in both of the areas below, while others choose to concentrate on more defined areas, such as refugee law or European Union law. Of course, students should take full advantage of the rest of our very rich curriculum, too.

* Indicates a seminar

International Law Offerings

These courses and seminars generally address law made between states to govern a wide variety of subjects. In the last five years, the Law School has offered the following courses:

Armed Conflict and Terrorism

Terrorism and International Law *
International Humanitarian Law
Men, Women, and Conflict *
Law of Armed Conflict *
Law of International Peace and Security
International Law of War

Economic and Business Relations

International Trade
International Tax
International Investment Law
International Project Finance *
International Finance
International Commercial Arbitration
Income Tax Treaties *
International Taxpayer Clinic
Tax, Trade, Investment, and Finance
International Intellectual Property
International Transactions Clinic
International Arbitration *
International Corporate Governance
Taxation of Cross-Border Financial Transactions
Cross-Border Transactions, Deal Making, and Negotiation
Cross-Border Contracts

Human Rights

Protection of Human Rights in International Law
Evolution of Gender Crimes *
Impact of Human Rights on International Law *
International Criminal Law
Comparative Human Rights Law
Affirmative Action: International, Comparative, and Empirical Dimensions *
Law and Inequalities *
Women’s Human Rights *
Land Disputes Between States and Indigenous Minorities *

International Environmental Law

International Environmental Law and Policy
U.S.-Canadian Transnational Environmental Law *
Water Wars: Law and Policy to Save the Great Lakes

International Legal Theory and History

Ethics, Justice, and International Law *
Uncensored History of International Law *

Multifaceted Advanced Courses

Jurisdiction and Choice of Law
Foreign Affairs Law
International Organizations
International Law Workshop *
International Dispute Resolution *
International Courts and Tribunals
Advanced Transnational Law
Public International Law
Leading Cases in International Law

Refugee, Immigration, and Asylum

International Refugee Law
Human Trafficking Clinic
Immigration and Nationality
Boundaries of Citizenship
Comparative Asylum Law
U.S. Asylum Workshop *
Refugee Rights Workshop *
Colloquium on International Refugee Law

Foreign and Comparative Law Offerings

Foreign law examines the legal systems of other nations and, in the case of the European Union, one supranational authority. Comparative law compares these legal systems with each other as well as with the United States. Among our recent offerings in these areas are:

Chinese Law

Chinese Legal History
Chinese Law and Legal Institutions
Chinese Corporation*

Comparative Law

Comparative Constitutional Law
Comparative Human Rights Law
Comparative and EU Taxation
Corporate Governance and Stock Market Development *
European Union Legal Systems in Comparison with the United States
Constitutional and Fundamental Rights from a Comparative Perspective
Global Constitutionalism *

European Union Law

European Legal Order
Governance of the European Union *
EU Competition Law
EU Legal Systems in Comparison with the United States

Japanese Law

Japanese Law
Reading Japanese Law

Other Foreign and Religious Law

Law and Development in India *
Law and Development in Cambodia *
English Legal History
Constitutionalism in South Africa
Islamic Law *
Jewish Law
Introduction to Talmudic Law
Israel Land Regimes
Roman Law *

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