Library Hours: Jan 12 - May 4: 8am - Midnight

Student Computer Labs

There are two computer labs in the library, and both are restricted to use by law students only. One of these is the Computer Assisted Legal Research (CALR) Room on Sub-2 where you may have training sessions for Westlaw or Lexis. The other lab is located on Sub-3.

General Access Computers

Catalog Terminals: On each floor in the library, located near the central staircase you will find general access computers that are intended for searching in the library's online catalog. Anyone can use these computers to search the catalog and print out catalog results on the attached printers.

Research Terminals: On Sub-1, there are seven general access computers where students or anyone with a pass to use the library can do legal research.

Accessing the Internet on Your Laptop

Wireless: Current U-M faculty, staff and students can access the University of Michigan's wireless network from anywhere in the Law Library.

Ethernet: The library also offers a few Ethernet ports on Sub-1 where you can plug your computer in and access the Internet through an Ethernet cable. You can borrow an Ethernet cable at the Reference Desk on Sub-1.

Lexis, Westlaw, & Bloomberg Access

Access to Lexis, Westlaw, and Bloomberg is limited to current U-M Law School students, faculty, and staff. For Lexis, Westlaw, and Bloomberg training and passwords, contact Mike McArthur (; 734-763-5839).


Law School Printing Policy: The Law School allows each student to print 800 pages at no cost, and additional pages cost 3¢ per page. Printing from the library computer labs counts toward your 800 pages. For more information about the Printing Policy, see the Printing Policy page on the Law School's website.

Catalog Terminals: Library users can print catalog records from these terminals at no cost. Printouts from these computers go to the attached printers.

Research Terminals: Each Research Terminal on Sub-1 has an attached printer. Printing from these computers costs 10¢ per page and requires a Copier Card, see below.

Copier Cards: To use the copiers in the library, you will need a Copier Card. These are located on top of the Card Encoder Machines which are used to add money to the Copier Cards. Card Encoder Machines are located in 2 places in the library: Adjacent to the copier on Sub-1, and in the copy room on Sub-2.

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