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Course Reserves and Past Exams

Course Reserve

Professors can place materials on closed reserve for use by students in their class.

Students must show their UMID at the law library Circulation Desk on Sub-2 to use physical materials on closed reserve. These materials can be used for 4 hours* at a time in the library.  There can also be electronic materials in course reserve lists, that can be access through the library's catalog.

To find a course reserve list for a particular class, search the library's catalog by Course or Professor. For tips on searching the catalog for course reserve lists, see this guide.

*During the first 2 weeks of each semester, and during study days and exam periods, this is reduced to 2 hours.

Past Exams

Professors can opt to place past exams (with or without model answers) in a current semester's course reserve list and students will be able to open an electronic version and optionally print a copy​.  

To find these exams, search the library's catalog by Course or Professor.  For tips on searching the library's catalog for exams, see this guide.

Professors can also submit past exams to the Law School registrar's office for permanent retention. These exams will be listed on reserve lists that end in the word "exams" and will not appear on a semester's course reserve list unless the professor asks that the library add them.