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Library Accounts and Journal Carrels

The Circulation Desk staff set up Library Accounts (including ILL) and Journal Carrels in our computer system Monday - Friday between 8 am and 5 pm. Please allow two business days to set up your account. You cannot use ILL, Request Item or check out books UNTIL you set up a library account.

To set up an account and carrel Article Editors must:

  • Decide which carrel you will use for each article. We do NOT choose for you.
  • Submit a Carrel Application to the Circulation Desk.
  • Be sure to include the email address of the editor in charge of library notices. We will send emails to this address regarding your library accounts.

Also, use the Carrel Application to request to have a carrel cleared. You can note the carrels to clear in the instructions box at the bottom.

Please Remember To....

  • Check books out to the Article Carrel - Use the Self-Check out in the S-3 Core, or visit the Circulation Desk on S-2.
  • Keep checked out books in the Article Carrel - Law Library books cannot leave the building. This includes Interlibrary Loan books.
  • Return unbound (soft-backed) journals to be shelved - We can scan an article on your behalf. Unbound books do not have barcodes and cannot be checked out.

Which Carrels?


  • Offices: S310A&B, S-312, S-330
  • Carrels: 3-41 to 3-58


  • Carrels: 2-93 to 2-95


  • Office: S-322
  • Carrels: 3-95 to 3-106


  • Office: S-275
  • Carrels: 2-99 to 2-110


  • Carrels: 2-96 to 2-98


  • Offices: S-305 & S-306
  • Carrels: 3-11 to 12; 3-21 to 31; 3-38 to 3-40


  • Offices: S-321, S-325, S-327; S-331
  • S-380A & C
  • Carrels: 3-59 to 3-94


  • Offices: S-323 & S-380B
  • Carrels: 3-32 to 37
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