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Getting Books and Journals

Let us get it for you:

  • Request the item online  Download a PDF with more information on how to request an item in the online catalog - opens in a new window/tab through the UMich Law Library Catalog
  • We'll find it and deliver it to your carrel or hold it for you at the Circulation Desk.


Find it yourself:

MORE Get a PDF with information on how to obtain materials in the Law Library - opens in a new window/tab

Checking Out Books and Journals

To check out books and journals:

  • Take materials to the Circulation Desk on Sub-2 to check books to carrels or offices or place on the holdshelf; or,
  • Carrelholders and journal/publication staff can check out their own materials through the Self-Checkout system:
    • It's a touchscreen monitor, barcode scanner, mouse, keyboard and receipt printer
    • It's available on Sub-3 next to the public terminal near the staircase
    • Instructions for use are posted next to it.

No books can be checked out of the building; they can only be checked out to offices or carrels.

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