Library Hours: Jan 12 - May 4: 8am - Midnight


Getting from the street level to the underground levels takes a few steps:

  • Enter the Reading Room from the Monroe Street side if you need to use the elevators. Automatic door openers are available for the outside door.¬† Proceed through the Reading Room to the elevators to the east of the Reading Room desk and go down to the first floor (the Reading Room is on 3).
  • Go to your left around the corner and through the double grey doors. There is an automatic opener available.
  • Go down the ramp before the green steps to another elevator and go down 1 flight.
  • Proceed through the gate to the Law Library. You are entering the Library on the Sub-1 level. If you need to go to Sub-2 or Sub-3, there is an elevator just beyond the Reference Desk.

The sub-level elevators are turned off 10 minutes before closing. Please exit the building 10 minutes before closing if you need to use the elevators.

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