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Forthcoming Publications

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  • Allen, Layman E. (1966- ), co-author. "The Legal Argument Game of Legal Relations." C. S. Saxon, co-author. J. L. & Info. Sci. (Forthcoming). (Originally published under the same title in E-Law - Murdoch U. Electronic J.L. 5, no. 3 (1998).)
  • Bagenstos, Samuel (2009- ). "On Class-Not-Race." In A Nation of Widening Opportunities? The Civil Rights Act at Fifty, edited by S. R. Bagenstos and E. D. Katz. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press, Forthcoming.

    ______, co-editor. A Nation of Widening Opportunities? The Civil Rights Act at Fifty. E. D. Katz, co-editor. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press, Forthcoming.
  • Bagley, Nicholas (2010- ). "Medicine as a Public Calling." Mich. L. Rev. 114 (Forthcoming, 2015).

    ______. "Three Words and the Future of the Affordable Care Act." J. Health Pol. Pol'y & L. 40, no. 3 (Forthcoming, 2015).
  • Barr, Michael S. (2001- ). Financial Regulation: Law and Policy. Foundation Press, Forthcoming, 2016.

    ______. "Five Ways the Financial System Will Fail Next Time." (Forthcoming).

    ______. "Accountability and Independence in Financial Regulation: Public Engagement, Checks and Balances, and Other Innovations." Law & Contemp. Probs. (Forthcoming).
  • Beny, Laura N. (2003- ). "The Empirical Evidence on the Regulation of Insider Trading." Ann. Rev. L. & Soc. Sci. (Forthcoming).
  • Bromberg, Howard (1996-2000, 2008- ). "Law, 19th Century", "Law, 20th Century", "Law, Antiquity", "Law, Enlightenment", "Law, Middle Ages", "Law, Renaissance." In Encyclopedia of Theory, edited by J. Mattingly. Sage, Forthcoming.
  • Caminker, Evan H. (1999- ). "Branch Rickey and the Assembly of Baseball Rosters and Student Bodies." In The Residue of Design. Ann Arbor, Mich.: University of Michigan Press, Forthcoming.
  • Clark, Sherman J. (1995- ). "Drawing (Gad)Flies: Thoughts on the Uses (or Uselessness) of Legal Scholarship." U. Mich. J. L. Reform (Forthcoming).
  • Crane, Daniel A. (2009- ), co-author. "Patent Punting." R. S. Eisenberg, co-author. Mich. Telecomm. & Tech. L. Rev. (Forthcoming, 2015).

    ______ . "Tesla, Dealer Franchise Laws, and the Politics of Crony Capitalism." Iowa L. Rev. (Forthcoming).

    ______ . "Leniency and Compensation." In Anti-Cartel Enforcement in a Contemporary Age: The Leniency Religion, edited by C. Beaton-Wells. Hart Publishing, (Forthcoming, 2015).

    ______ . "Everything I Needed to Know about Antitrust I Learned in 1912." Iowa L. Rev. (Forthcoming, 2015).

    ______ . "Debunking Humphrey's Executor." Geo. Wash. L. Rev. (Forthcoming, 2015).

    ______ . "Brands and Market Power: A Bird's Eye View." In Brands, Competition Law, and IP Law, edited by S. Waller. Cambridge University Press, Forthcoming, 2015.

    ______ . "Philadelphia National Bank and Inter-Market Balancing." Antitrust L. J. (Forthcoming).

    ______ . "Formalism and Functionalism in Antitrust Treatment of Loyalty Rebates: A Comparative Perspective." Antitrust L. J. (Forthcoming).

    ______ . "Private Antitrust Enforcement: Comparative and Policy Considerations." In Comparative Competition, edited by K. Klovers and A. Speegle. Research Handbooks in Comparative Law Elgar, Forthcoming.
  • Croley, Steven P. (1993- ), co-author. What Agencies Do: The Fourth Branch in Operation. Magill and Lasken, co-authors. ABA Press, Forthcoming.

    ______. Regulating Systemic Risk: Proposing a Systemic Risk Control Commission. Tobin Project on Economic Regulation, Forthcoming.

    ______. "Post Public Choice Theories of Regulation." In Handbook on Regulation. Elgar, Forthcoming.

    ______. "Governance and Administrative Law." In Oxford Handbook of Governance. Forthcoming.

    ______. Civil Justice Reconsidered: Toward a Less Costly, More Accessible Civil Litigation System. Forthcoming.

    ______, co-author. An Overview of Federal Agency Regulatory Activity. M. E. Magill and J. Laskin, co-author. American Bar Association, Forthcoming.
  • Davis, Alicia J. (2004- ). "Think Like a Businessperson: Using Business School Cases to Create Strategic Corporate Lawyers." St. Louis U. L. J. (Forthcoming, 2015).

    ______. "The Institutional Appetite for Quack Corporate Governance." Colum. Bus. L. Rev. (Forthcoming, 2015).
  • Eisenberg, Rebecca (1984- ), co-author. "Patent Punting." D. A. Crane, co-author. Mich. Telecomm. & Tech. L. Rev. (Forthcoming, 2015).

    ______. "Fostering Frugal Innovation." (Forthcoming).
  • Friedman, Richard D. (1988- ), co-author. "The Child Quasi-Witness." S. J. Ceci, co-author. U. Chi. L. Rev. (Forthcoming).

    ______. "Jack Weinstein and the Missing Pieces of the Hearsay Puzzle." DePaul L. Rev. (Forthcoming).

    ______, co-author. The Federal Rules of Evidence: Rules and History in Context. J. A. Deahl, co-author. Forthcoming.

    ______. "The Conundrum of Conspirators, Confrontation, and Hearsay." (Forthcoming).

    ______. Review of The Chief Justiceship of Charles Evans Hughes, 1923-1941, by W. G. Ross (Forthcoming).

    ______. "Forfeiture of Confrontation Rights in Light of Giles v. California." (Forthcoming).
  • Frier, Bruce W. (1986- ). "Ius, Lex, and Legal Certainty." In Legge, Ugualianza, Diritto, edited by G. Luchetti. Forthcoming.

    ______. "Ulpian", "Q. Mucius Scaevola." In Encyclopedia of Ancient History. Forthcoming.

    ______, general editor. The Codex of Justinian. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Forthcoming. (A three-volume edition of Judge Frederick Blume's translation.)

    ______. Sources for Roman Law: The Tituli Ulpiani and the Sententiae Pauli. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Forthcoming.

    ______. Review of Law, Language, and Empire in the Roman Tradition, by C. Ando. Classical J. (Forthcoming).

    ______. Review of A Casebook on Roman Property Law, by H. Hausmaninger and R. Gamauf, co-authors. J. Roman Archaeology (Forthcoming).
  • Hakimi, Monica (2008- ). "Custom's Method and Process: Lessons from Humanitarian Law." In Custom's Future: International Law in a Changing World, edited by C. Bradley. (Forthcoming).

    ______. "Distributing the Responsibility to Protect." In Distribution of Responsibilities in International Law, edited by A. Nollkaemper and D. Jacobs. (Forthcoming).
  • Halberstam, Daniel (1999- ), co-author. "The Unification of Law in Federal Systems." M. W. Reimann, co-author. In General Report for the Thematic Conference of the International Academy of Comparative Law. Forthcoming.

    ______. "Joseph Weiler, Eric Stein, and the Transformation of Constitutional Law." In Revisiting the Transformation of Europe, edited by M Wind and M. Maduro. Forthcoming.
  • Hershovitz, Scott (2007- ). "The Model of Plans and the Prospects for Positivism." Ethics 125 (Forthcoming).
  • Hines, James R., Jr. (2006- ), co-author. "Understanding the AMT, and its Sibling, the AMxT." K. D. Logue, co-author. J. Legal Analysis 6 (Forthcoming).

    ______. "How Serious a Problem is Base Erosion and Profit Shifting?" Canadian Tax J. (Forthcoming).
  • Howson, Nicholas C. (2005- ). "Protecting the State from Itself? Regulatory Interventions in Corporate Governance and the Financing of China's 'State Capitalism'." In Regulating the Visible Hand? The Institutional Implications of Chinese State Capitalism, edited by B. Liebman and C. Milhaupt. Forthcoming, 2015.

    ______. "Return of the Prodigal Form? - Partnerships and Partnership Law in the People's Republic of China." In Research Handbook on Partnerships, LLCs and Alternative Forms of Business Organizations, edited by R. W. Hillman and M. J. Loewenstein. Edward Elgar Publishing, Forthcoming, 2015.

    ______, co-author. "通往小股东保障之路径:中国派生诉讼, Pathway to Minority Shareholder Protection: Derivative Actions in the People's Republic of China." D. C. Clarke, co-author. In 外国学者论中国法丛书——公司法分卷, Foreign Scholars on Chinese Law - Company Law. Beijing: 中国大百科全书出版社, China Encyclopedia Publishing House, Forthcoming, 2015. (Chinese translation of "Pathway to Minority Shareholder Protection: Derivative Actions in the People's Republic of China." D. C. Clarke, co-author. In The Derivative Action in Asia: A Comparative and Functional Approach, edited by D. Puchniak, H. Baum, and M. Ewing-Chow, 243-95. International Corporate Law and Financial Market Regulation. Cambridge University Press, 2012.)
  • Jackson, John H. (1966- ). "WTO Dispute Settlement - Appraisal and Prospects." In Institutional Aspects of the World Trade Organization's Effectiveness Conference. Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press, Forthcoming.
  • Kahn, Douglas A. (1964- ), co-author. Federal Income Tax: A Student's Guide to the Internal Revenue Code. 7th ed. J. H. Kahn, co-author. New York: Foundation Press, Forthcoming.
  • Katz, Ellen (1999- ). "Justice Ginsburg's Umbrella." In A Nation of Widening Opportunities? The Civil Rights Act at Fifty, edited by S. R. Bagenstos and E. D. Katz. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press, Forthcoming.

    ______. "Enforcing the Fifteenth Amendment." In The Oxford Handbook on the U.S. Constitution, edited by M. Tushnet, S. Levinson, and M. Graber. Oxford University Press, Forthcoming.

    ______, co-editor. A Nation of Widening Opportunities? The Civil Rights Act at Fifty. S. R. Bagenstos, co-editor. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press, Forthcoming.
  • Khanna, Vikramaditya S. (2004- ), co-author. "CEO Connectedness and Corporate Frauds." E. H. Kim and Y. Lu, co-authors. J. Fin. (Forthcoming).

    ______, co-author. "Regulating "Squeeze Outs" in India." U. Varottil, co-author. Am. J. Comp. L. (Forthcoming).
  • Krier, James E. (1983- ), co-author. "The Possession Heuristic." C. Serkin, co-author. In The Economics of Possession, edited by Y. Chang. Forthcoming.

    ______, co-author. "A Positive Theory of Regulatory Takings." S. Sterk, co-author. (Forthcoming).
  • Lempert, Richard O. (1968- ), co-author. "The Mismatch Myth in U.S. Higher Education: A Synthesis of the Empirical Evidence at the Law School and Undergraduate Levels." W. C. Kidder, co-author. In Affirmative Action and Racial Equity: Considering the Evidence in Fisher to Forge the Path Ahead, edited by U. M. Jayakumar and L. M. Garces. Routledge Press, Forthcoming.
  • Litman, Jessica D. (1984-1990, 2006- )."Campbell at 21/Sony at 31." U of Michigan Public Law Research Paper No. 450; Wash. L. Rev. 90 (Forthcoming, 2015).

    ______. "Silent Similarity." Chi. -Kent J. Intell. Prop. 14 (Forthcoming, 2015).

    ______. "Fetishizing Copies." In Copyright in An Age of Limitations and Exceptions, edited by R. Okediji. Cambridge University Press, (Forthcoming, 2015).
  • Logue, Kyle D. (1993- ), co-author. "Towards a Universal Framework for Insurance Anti-Discrimination Laws." R. Avraham and D. Schwarcz, co-authors. Conn. Ins. L. J. (Forthcoming).

    ______, co-author. "Mandatory Rules and Default Rules in Insurance Contracts." T. Baker, co-author. In Law and Economics of Insurance, edited by D. Schwarcz and P. Siegelman. Elgar, Forthcoming.

    ______, associate reporter. "Management of Potentially Insured Liability Claims." T. Baker, reporter. In Principles of the Law of Liability Insurance. Philadelphia: The American Law Institute, Forthcoming.
  • McCrudden, J. Christopher (2001- ). "Transnational Culture Wars." Int'l J. Const. L. (Forthcoming).
  • Mendelson, Nina A. (1999- ). "Joseph L. Sax: The Realm of the Legal Scholar." Mich. J. Envt. & Admin. L. (Forthcoming).

    ______. "An Outsourcing Agenda." Geo. Wash. L. Rev. (Forthcoming).

    ______. "Private Control over Access to Public Law: The Perplexing Federal Regulatory Use of Private Standards." Envtl. L. Rep. (Forthcoming, 2015). (Selected for inclusion in the 2015 Environmental Law and Policy Annual Review, a special issue of the Environmental Law Repoter. )
  • Mortenson, Julian D. (2009- ). "Snowflakes in a Blizzard: Structural Treaty Issues in International Investment Law." In Modern Treaty Law. Cambridge University Press, Forthcoming, 2015.

    ______. "Executive Power and National Security." In The Cambridge Companion to the United States Constitution, edited by J. Compton and K. Orren. Cambridge University Press, Forthcoming, 2015.
  • Novak, William J. (2009- ). "The Public Utility Idea and the Origins of Modern Business Regulation." In The Corporation and American Democracy. Forthcoming, 2015.

    ______. "The Continental Idea of the State." In State and Administration, edited by A. von Bogdandy, P. Huber, and S. Cassese. Max Planck Handbooks of Public Law in Europe, vol. 1. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Forthcoming, 2015.

    ______. "The Concept of the State in American History." In Boundaries of the State in U.S. History, edited by J. T. Sparrow, W. J. Novak, and S. Sawyer. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, Forthcoming, 2015.

    ______. "Beyond Weber: The Need for a Theory of the Democratic State." Tocqueville Rev. (Forthcoming, 2015).
  • Pottow, John A. E. (2003- ). "Mitigating the Problem of Vulture Holdout: International Certification Boards for Sovereign Debt Restructurings." Tex. Int'l L. J. (Forthcoming).

    ______, co-author. Review of Sovereign Defaults Before International Courts and Tribunals, by M. Waibel. E. H. Iverson, co-author. Banking & Fin. L. Rev. (Forthcoming).
  • Primus, Eve Brensike (2006- ). "The Future of Confession Law: Toward Rules for the Voluntariness Test." Mich. L. Rev. 115 (Forthcoming).
  • Primus, Richard A. (2001- ). "Why Enumeration Matters." Mich. L. Rev. (Forthcoming).
  • Pritchard, Adam C. (1998- ), co-author. "The Influence of Arbitrator Background and Representation on Arbitration Outcomes." S. J. Choi and J. E. Fisch, co-authors. Va. L. & Bus. Rev. (Forthcoming).
  • Ratner, Steven R. (2004- ), co-author. "The Role of the ICRC." R. Giladi, co-author. In The Geneva Conventions in Context: A Commentary, edited by A. Clapham, P. Gaeta, and M. Sassoli. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Forthcoming, 2015.

    ______, co-author. International Law: Norms, Actors, Process: A Problem-Oriented Approach. 4th ed. J. Dunoff and D. Wippman, co-authors. New York: Aspen, Forthcoming, 2015.
  • Reimann, Mathias W. (1985- ), co-author. "The Unification of Law in Federal Systems." D. Halberstam, co-author. In General Report for the Thematic Conference of the International Academy of Comparative Law. Forthcoming.

    ______. "Product Liability." In Comparative Tort Law, edited by M. Bussani and A. Sebok. Forthcoming.

    ______. "Comparative Law." In International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law. Forthcoming.

    ______. "Better Law", "Interest and Policy Analysis." In European Encyclopedia of Private International Law, edited by J. Basedow. Forthcoming.
  • Sankaran, Vivek (2006- ), co-editor. Representing Parents in Child Welfare Cases. M. Guggenheim, co-editor. American Bar Association, Forthcoming.
  • Schlanger, Margo (2009- ). "Trends in Prisoner Litigation, as the PLRA Enters Adulthood." UC Irvine L. Rev. (Forthcoming, 2015).

    ______. "How Prisoners' Rights Lawyers are Preserving the Role of the Courts." U. Miami L. Rev. (Forthcoming).
  • Schneider, Carl E. (1981- ). The Censor's Hand: The Misregulation of Human Subject Research. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, Forthcoming.
  • Seinfeld, Gil (2005- ). "Supremacy, Union, and Membership: Reflections on Comity in the Law of American Federalism." Notre Dame L. Rev. (Forthcoming, 2015).
  • Simma, Bruno (1988-1993, 2001- ). The Impact of Human Rights on International Law: General Course on Public International Law 2009. Collected Courses of the Hague Academy of International Law. Forthcoming.

    ______, co-author. "Einsatzmöglichkeiten für Streitkräfte im Rahmen der Vereinten Nationen, unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Handlungsspielraums von Regionalorganisationen." T. Graf, co-author. (Forthcoming).
  • St. Antoine, Theodore J. (1965- ). "Labor Unions and Title VII: A Bit-Player at the Creation Looks Back." In A Nation of Widening Opportunities? The Civil Rights Act at Fifty, edited by S. R. Bagenstos and E. Katz. University of Michigan Press, Forthcoming.
  • Starr, Sonja B. (2009- ). "Estimating Gender Disparities in Federal Criminal Cases." Am. L. & Econ. Rev. (Forthcoming).
  • Vandervort, Frank E. (2005- ). "The Guardian Ad Litem Investigation." In The Guardian Ad Litem Handbook for Divorce Practice. Forthcoming.
  • Waggoner, Lawrence W. (1974- ). "How the ALI's Restatement Third of Property is Influencing the Law of Trusts and Estates." Brook. L. Rev. 80 (Forthcoming 2015).

    ______. "Correcting the Record Regarding the Restatement of Property's Slayer Rule in The Brooklyn Law Review's Symposium Issue on 'Restatement Of ...'." J. H. Langbein, Brook. L. Rev. 80 (Forthcoming 2015).

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