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Publications of the Law School Faculty Credits

Editor in Chief:
Barbara H. Garavaglia

Co-Compilers and Co-editors:
Beth A. McWilliams, compiler, and Jennifer Lentz, editor, covering 1859-1994
Jessica Hanes, covering 1859-present

Student Assistants:
Julie R. Hatlen, covering 1994-2004
Madelyn Hawk, 2005-2007
Julia A. Lovett, 2007-2009
Jessie Sherwood, 2008-2009
Emily Flynn, 2009-2011
Jessica Hanes, 2010-2011
Melissa Bowen, 2011-2012
Meggan Frost, 2011-2012
Graeme Slaght, 2012-2013
Ashley Bigham, 2013
Amy Scott, 2013-2014
Carol Robinson, 2013-2014

Based in part on Elizabeth Gaspar Brown's "Contributions to Legal Literature 1859-1959" in Legal Education at Michigan 1859-1959.

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Julie R. Hatlen, Julia Lovett, Jessie Sherwood, Emily Flynn

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Kincaid C. Brown

Student Assistants:
Julie R. Hatlen, Caroline K. Poon and Emily Flynn

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Jessica Hanes

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