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It is a great pleasure to thank the staff members of the University of Michigan Law Library who created this record of the intellectual work of the University of Michigan Law School.

We are deeply indebted to Julie R. Hatlen for recompiling and updating the original faculty bibliography, which was published in print form in 1995 as University of Michigan Law School Faculty Bibliography, 1859-1993. Julie rebuilt and redesigned the Procite database which is the foundation of the bibliography; her technical knowledge of the Procite software enabled  her to work in partnership with me to build work forms and output styles for myriad different bibliographic forms. Julie also proofread and worked with me to edit the entire updated bibliography and performed the lion's share of the work of designing this web site. Julie also researched each faculty member’s publications anew; in doing so, she not only identified new publications for each faculty member, but she also identified published works not found at the time the original print edition was published. This electronic updated version of the original bibliography, which has been renamed Publications of the University of Michigan Law School Faculty, 1859-, is a tribute to Julie’s skillful research, her technical skills and her ability to work with and organize information systems.

Beth A. McWilliams (J.D. 1977, M.I.L.S. 1991), who passed away in 1994, also deserves special recognition and thanks for creating the original bibliography. Jennifer Lentz (M.I.L.S. 1994), who completed the print edition of the bibliography after Beth's death, also deserves special recognition and appreciation.

Reference librarian and Law Library webmaster Kincaid Brown is owed special thanks and recognition for providing training, advice and technical assistance on building and designing the web page, including providing the underlying design of the navigation bar. Dolfin Leung of the Law Library Publications Office also provided design ideas and technical assistance.

Others who contributed to the project also deserve to be acknowledged: Elizabeth Gaspar Brown provided the foundation for the present work in her bibliography “Contributions to Legal Literature 1859-1959" in Legal Education at Michigan 1859-1959; the Faculty Research and Phone Page Service, supervised by reference librarian Aimee Mangan, assisted with research and source gathering; library assistant Kathryn Nilsen obtained elusive material via interlibrary loan; student assistant Ryan N. Columbini assisted with research and data input, Lisa Mitchell-Yellin and Nancy Marshall of the Law School Publications Office helped obtain information about new faculty publications; Pauline Farmer-Koppenol, who began working on the project in May 2005 has been invaluable in helping to update the bibliography and to prepare it for publication on the web; and Margaret Leary, Law Library Director, provided advice and institutional support.  School of Information students Julia Lovett, Emily Flynn and Jessica Hanes were instrumental in the migration of the underlying database from Procite to Reference Manager.  Emily Flynn and Jessica Hanes also created the individual faculty webpages that replace the former pdf publications lists, with support from librarian and webmaster Kincaid Brown.  

We also owe a debt of gratitude to the following, too numerous to name individually, whose work behind the scenes facilitates and supports our research activities: the librarians and staff of the Law Library and the University Library who select, acquire and process new material for the Law Library and University Library collections; the catalogers who provide intellectual access to the Law Library and University Library collections; the staff of the Law Library Circulation Department; and the librarians of the University Library who many years ago expanded our research universe by providing campus-wide electronic access to a host of multidisciplinary databases, electronic journals and other research resources.

Barbara H. Garavaglia
Assistant Director
University of Michigan Law Library
November 2010

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