Library Hours: Jan 13 - May 6: 8am - Midnight

Pass Applications

Individuals apply for passes at the Reference Desk on Sub-1. We ask for documentation of your need and identification. If you have questions, call 734-764-9324.

An instructor may obtain Collection Use Passes for his/her class. Contact Alex Zhang (734-764-6151,

Circulation Policy

The Law Library is a research library and the books in the collection must be available for immediate use. Therefore, materials do not circulate out of the library. However, most books in the Law Library may circulate to offices or carrels within the Legal Research Complex if properly charged to such offices or carrels. Most materials housed in the Reserve area on Sub-2 may be charged for 4-hour use within the Library although they may not be charged to office or carrels.

Books from non-circulating collections such as REF COLL, RESERVES or RR may not be charged to carrels or offices.

UM Wireless

Access to the University of Michigan wireless network is available to any patron with a legal research need who holds a pass to use the Law Library.

Wireless access to University of Michigan guests is available by choosing the MGuest Wi-Fi Network. For more information see:

Please note that access to the University of Michigan wireless network does not provide you with access to any other UM resources, including electronic resources. Please contact the Reference Desk for more information on accessing electronic resources.

Types of Passes

Visitor Pass

We welcome visitors to look around our building for a short time. Please pick up a Visitor Pass at the Reference Desk and ask for the "About the Law Library" bookmark. This pass does not allow you to use our books or study here.  If you need to use the collection for research, please apply for one of the passes described below. Please visit quietly; noise travels and disturbs others.

Seven-Day Pass

If you have a short-term research project or if you first arrive to use the collection on an evening or weekend, apply at the Reference Desk for a Seven-Day Pass. You may obtain up to two Seven-Day Passes during a semester if you have not already obtained another type of pass. If you need to use the Law Library for a more extended period of time, you must apply for a Collection Use Pass.

Collection Use Pass

This pass is valid for one semester.  You may be eligible for a Collection Use Pass if you:

  • need to use material in the Law collection not available elsewhere on campus, and
  • you need to use the collection for course work, class assignments, writing a paper or honors thesis, personal research, research for a professor or law firm, or in-depth research such as for a PhD.

You may also be eligible for a Collection Use Pass if:

  • you are a full-time law student at another law school; or
  • you are an attorney from a jurisdiction that does not issue bar cards.
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