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Frequently Asked Questions
about the Law Faculty Document Delivery Service

  • How will I know that the Document Delivery Service has received and is working on my requests?
You will get an email from with a status report or notice when they are not able to fill your request in one to three business days. Some notices request answers or decisions from you; please respond promptly to such notices to avoid delaying completion of your requests. If you do not use email to request your item, status reports and notices will be delivered to your office chair.
  • If I send a long list of items, how long does it take for the Document Delivery Service to send everything on the list?
Please allow at least 2 weeks for receipt of all items on your list. Pages fill requests as completed -- however they send items from long lists as they are retrieved. Some listed items may be delayed because they are not on the shelf and need to be searched or recalled, or they must be borrowed via Interlibrary Loan (ILL).
  • What if the book or article I need isn’t available on campus?
If the item is available from a non-UM library, the Pages will send you an email or Options Report asking if you want us to obtain the book or article via Interlibrary Loan (ILL). The Pages submit ILL requests for you if you respond to the notice by selecting the ILL option. If the item you need is not available via ILL, the Pages will try to provide you information about how to obtain it from an alternative source.
  • How do I return books?
You may return all books borrowed from the Law Library, other UM libraries or via ILL to the Law Library book drops located on:
  • Level 9 of Legal Research (elevator lobby)
  • the 3rd floor of Hutchins Hall near the Faculty Lounge
  • the 4th floor of Hutchins Hall
  • S-1 of the Law Library.
  • If the Phone Page sends me books from other libraries on campus, are renewal, overdue or recall notices sent to me, or to the Phone Page?
All renewal, recall and overdue notices from other campus libraries are sent directly to faculty. It is important to honor all due dates and recall notices to avoid suspension of your borrowing privileges.
  • What happens if I have overdue books or a book I borrowed is recalled?
Overdue books from the Law Library:

Law Library staff will: 
Deliver a notice to your office chair, informing you that the books are overdue; this overdue notice will offer you the option to renew the books. Please respond to these notices by either returning the book or checking the box to renew. You may also renew your books online through the Library Catalog. For instructions on renewing books online visit

Recalled books from the Law Library:

Law Library staff will:
Retrieve the books from your office, and leave a notice offering you the option of having the books returned to you. If you do not respond to this notice, the books will not be returned to you after the other patron has used them.

Overdue books from other libraries on campus:

Other UM libraries (Hatcher, UGL and Kresge Business Library) will send overdue notices directly to you. You will accrue fines if you do not return the overdue books. After a book is 50 days overdue, your borrowing privileges will be suspended and the Pages will not be able to borrow any other books for you until your overdue books are returned.

Recalled books from other libraries on campus:

You will receive a recall notice with a new due date. You must return the book by the new due date. If you do not return the recalled book by the recall due date, you will accrue daily fines and your borrowing privileges will be immediately suspended.
  • How can student Research Assistants get material for research they are performing on my behalf?
Student Research Assistants must retrieve and copy research material on their own. To do so, they will need:
  • A proxy card and record to borrow books in your name from the Law Library and other campus libraries, and
  • A copy card purchased on your University of Michigan account.

Forms are available from the Law Library and other campus libraries for you to authorize proxy cards and records, and to permit the purchase of copy cards on your UM account.

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