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Faculty Research Service FAQs

  • Is there a limit on how much of my research the Service can handle?
  • If you have a large amount of research or very lengthy projects that will take more time and resources than the service has available, you may need to hire your own research assistant to handle some portion of your research rather than relying exclusively on the Faculty Research Service.

    The Faculty Services Librarian will let you know if the amount of research you need exceeds the resources of the service.

  • How long does it take for the Service to complete my research?
  • The Faculty Services Librarian will assess your research project and contact you to establish a timeline for completion of your project.

    The deadline will depend on the nature and complexity of your project, an estimation of the amount of time needed to complete your project and how many other projects the Service is already handling at the time you make your request.

  • Can the Service handle RUSH requests?
  • The Faculty Services Librarian will let you know whether or not we can meet your accelerated deadline at the time you make a rush request.  Our ability to meet your rush deadline will depend on how many other projects we are handling at the time you submit your request.

  • How can my research assistant get help with research?
  • Reference librarians are available to assist your student Research Assistant:

    • In person at the Reference Desk
    • Via e-mail to
    • Research Assistants may also request a research consultation with a librarian via e-mail to

    The Faculty Services Librarian provides group research training to student research assistants every semester. You will receive an email announcing the date, time and location of the training sessions. For more information about training, click on the "Training" link in the grey box on the left.

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