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Testimonials: Life in the Lawyers Club

Charles Ramsey, '15
"Community, comfort, and convenience: Those are the three things that make life in the Lawyers Club better than living anywhere else in Ann Arbor. Community, because you live with other law students, which allows you to build relationships with your peers that go beyond the classroom. Comfort, because utilities are included, which means you can turn on the air conditioning when it's sweltering in September and not worry about your energy bill. Convenience, because you don't have to find a subletter for the summer, the included meal plan means you don't have to waste time cooking, and the proximity to the Law School means that you can sleep in later than all of your friends and still get to class on time."

Anne Formanek, '12
"The Lawyers Club gave me a much-needed sense of community and family. The staff really went out of their way to make me feel at home. One of the top selling points for me was its proximity to the Law School. You can't find an apartment on campus more convenient than that! Living in the Lawyers Club was like stepping into the past; I really enjoyed the sense of old-world atmosphere that the Club's architecture evoked. It was an incredible experience living in the Club—one I don't think can be duplicated at any other law school—and I made friends that I will cherish for life."

Kathy Nolan, '13
"Mainly people emphasize the closeness to classes that the Lawyers Club provides, and it is definitely convenient to live just steps away from the Law Library, classrooms, and Aikens Commons. But what a lot of people don't realize is that living in the Lawyers Club opens up new opportunities. Because you are living within the Law School community, you can make it to impromptu study groups and last-minute events, in a way that someone with a commute would never be able to. In addition, you get to know tons of people by running into them in the hallway, or eating with them in the dining hall. As a summer starter, I had already done a semester of law school and knew a fair amount of students before I moved into the Lawyers Club. But I still met a lot of great people from all three years and from all different countries. The people who turned out to be my closest friends during my 1L year would probably have remained mere acquaintances if we hadn't all lived in the Lawyers Club."