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Student Organization Classifications

What are the classifications of student organizations?
The University classifies student organizations in one of three categories: Sponsored, Voluntary, and Non-Affiliated. The vast majority of Law School student organizations are registered as Voluntary. Because of their special relationship and unique status at the Law School, the Law School Student Senate and Student Funded Fellowships are the only two organizations registered as Sponsored. More information about these categories can be found here.

A list of specific benefits for each category, including the use of the various University trademarks, can be found here.

sponsored student organizations (sso's)
SSOs are student organizations that operate under the direct supervision of the sponsoring University unit. SSOs must be sponsored by an executive officer, dean, or director of a major academic or operational unit that is committed to providing significant financial and staff support to the organization whose mission is consistent with the University's and sponsoring unit's. The unit will provide an advisor for the SSO.

Voluntary student organizations (VSO's)
VSOs are student organizations that seek access to certain University-controlled benefits and resources, and are accountable to the University for legal compliance, fiscal responsibility, and adherence to established community standards. VSOs are recommended to seek out a faculty/staff advisor, although an advisor is not required. VSOs may not use the University's name, logo, symbols, seal, or trademarks without obtaining expressed written permission from the University. 

non-affiliated student organizations (NASO's)
NASOs are not affiliated with the University in a formal way. As a result, non-affiliated student organizations have no access to University-controlled benefits and resources, except for listing in Maize Pages. Non-affiliated student organizations will be treated the same as individual students or members of the public who seek to access University-controlled benefits and resources.