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Official Organization

What Does it mean to be a recognized organization?
An official student organization is one that has been formally recognized by the Law School Student Senate (LSSS) and the University. A recognized group agrees to be bound by the policies of LSSS, the Law School, and the University. All student organizations should have by-laws, a constitution, or some other formal document outlining the organization's mission, membership requirements, rules of operation, etc.

how can my group obtain recognition from the Law School?
To be recognized by the Law School, the organizers of a proposed group must:

  • Contact the LSSS President via e-mail and be placed on the agenda of the next Senate meeting. The e-mail should include a stated purpose for the proposed group. Agenda requests and statement of purpose must be sent at least three days prior to the Senate meeting for placement on that week's agenda.
  • Present at least two members at the Senate meeting to which they are invited, bringing with them signatures of 20 law students in support of the existence of the group.

When both requirements are fulfilled, a Senate member will move to recognize the group and then the Senate will vote. If the proposed group receives a majority vote, the group will be duly recognized as an official student organization of the University of Michigan Law School.

Official recognition by both the Law School and the University is required for groups seeking funding from the Law School or other University unit. An organization must provide a complete copy of its current by-laws or constitution to the Student Activities and Leadership (SAL) office. This can be done online here.

how can my group obtain recognition from the University?
All new and existing student organizations must register or re-register through the Michigan Student Assembly/Student Organization and Recognition (MSA/SOAR). You will be asked to take the following steps:

  1. Agree to comply with University policies.
  2. Provide information from 10 current U-M students who are members of your organization, including uniqname, name, UMID, phone number, and whether he or she will be an authorized signer.
  3. Agree that half of your organization's total membership is comprised of current U-M students.
  4. Agree that your organization's members may not benefit financially as a result of the organization's activities.
  5. Provide an organization name. The name may not contain University of Michigan or any variant or abbreviation thereof. However, "X" student organization at the University of Michigan" is permitted.
  6. Agree that you are willing to comply with all relevant regulations enacted by the Regents of the University of Michigan and all University units, including facilities and financial regulations.
  7. Select a status for your organization.
  8. Submit or renew your organization's Constitution.
  9. Identify at least three students to complete the SOAS authorized signer online verification process.
  10. If Sponsored, submit or verify that a completed Sponsorship Agreement is on file with Student Activities and Leadership.

Additional information regarding SOAR guidelines may be obtained here.