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In order to receive any University funding, a student organization must maintain a current account with the Student Organization Account Service (SOAS), a University-wide accounting service. Any funding provided by the LSSS, Law School, and other University department must be deposited to a valid SOAS account.

To establish an SOAS account, contact the SOAS office at 734-763-5767, or visit the office which is located on the second floor of the Michigan Union.

Student organizations must maintain accurate and detailed records of account activity.

how can student journals raise money?
The budgeting process for the operation of the Law School student journals is distinct from funding for other student organizations. The operating budgets for journals are overseen by the Director of the Law Library. Journals receive support from the Publications Center. To discuss securing additional funding of any kind, email Jessica Hanes.

Questions regarding computer or computer-related purchases should be directed to the Law School's Interim Director of Information Technology, Lyle Whitney.

how can my organization establish an endowment?
Considerable resources are required to both create and maintain endowments and other gift funds. Thus, the establishment of such funds will be on a very limited basis. No fund will be established at an amount less than $25,000​. In addition, the following conditions must be met:

  • The student organization must have been in existence for a minimum of five years.
  • The student organization must have raised at least $2,500 towards the project as a result of internal funding efforts (i.e., bake sales, clothing drives, etc.) and without reliance on alumni, firms, corporations, or budget appropriations from the Law School.

how can student organizations raise money?
There are two primary sources within the Law School through which student organizations may request funding; the LSSS and the Office of Student Life.

The LSSS has an open and extensive budgeting process for student organizations each fall. The LSSS funding policy is found here.

The Office of Student Life also provides funding to student organizations. Funding proposals are submitted during the fall term, after the conclusion of the LSSS funding period. Only those student organizations that have requested funding from LSSS may submit proposals to the Office of Student Life. Winter term funding proposals will be considered, however, funds will be limited. Proposals are submitted via the online Funding Request Form.

There are also several secondary sources of funding, such as:


In the past, the student governments of the undergraduate college or other graduate schools at the University have agreed to participate in or jointly sponsor an event. Law School organizations have co-sponsored events with the Ross School of Business, the Ford School of Public Policy, the Medical School, the School of Natural Resources, and the Rackham School of Graduate Studies.

Alumni, Firms, Corporations, and Philanthropic Organizations

The Law School's Office of Development and Alumni Relations seeks to promote alumni giving to benefit student organizations and students. That office is also responsible for coordinating and approving requests to alumni, law firms, corporations, and other organizations.

As a general rule, student organizations may not directly solicit Law School alumni as individuals or as members of firms or corporations. However, there are two exceptions:

  1. The committee responsible for the annual Student Funded Fellowship auction may solicit individual alumni for auction items.
  2. Long-established funds created in the memory of a deceased student may solicit contributions to the memorial fund. These memorial funds include the Alden "Butch" Carpenter Scholarship, the Juan Luis Tienda Scholarship, and the Jenny Runkles Memorial Award. 

Organizations interested in raising funds for programs not covered by the two above exceptions, should take advantage of opportunities such as fundraisers, organizational membership dues, or the Nannes Challenge

For all other solicitations of firms or other organizations, student organizations must complete the online Firm Solicitation/Alumni Contact Request form. This form must be completed at least two weeks prior to the proposed solicitation timeline.   

General criteria for approving a proposal:

  • Project is consistent with the mission of the Law School.
  • Envisioned project is fundable through charitable gifts.
  • Prospect group to be solicited is appropriate.
  • Implementation of the effort will require minimal use of additional Law School resources.

Following approval of the project, written or printed solicitation materials must be submitted to the Law School's Office of Development and Alumni Relations prior to distribution. Any contact information provided by that office may only be used for the approved project. Use of such contact information in subsequent years without the expressed written consent of the Law School's Office of Development and Alumni Relations is not allowed. Approval of a project once does not mean that the same or a similar project will be approved or supported in the future. An organization will need to seek approval anew for each separate event, even if the event's purpose or agenda remain unchanged. 

The Law School's Office of Development and Alumni Relations will work with student organizations on approved projects to ensure proper attribution, acknowledgement, and processing of gifts. This will ensure that the Law School is in compliance with University policies and IRS regulations governing charitable contributions and deductions.

Questions regarding these guidelines should be directed to either the Assistant Dean for Student Life, the Assistant Dean for Development and Alumni Relations, or their designees.

Additional Funding Sources

In addition to the two sources below, there are several potential sources of additional funding for student organizations within the University.

Central Student Government - In the past, CSG has funded law student organized events that are open to the campus and/or community, benefit the community in some way, or coordinate with the theme of some other widely sponsored event. In order to receive CSG funding (and access to SOAS), student organizations must register annually with the CSG. Funds will not be provided for food/beverages, tee shirts, capital goods, or student airline travel.

Office of Academic and Multicultural Initiatives - OAMI will fund events that support academic development such as presentation of scholarly research at professional conferences, or those including academic multicultural programming such as cultural programming with a strong academic component, community-based projects aimed at educating local audiences, programming that improves inter-group relations, or projects that impact the quality of life and the academic performance of students of color. To apply, an organization must fill out a funding request form. A report (with receipts) must be filed with OAMI after the event. Contact OAMI at 734-936-1055.