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Events Planning

events calendar
Both M Law Live and the Law School calendar are good sources of information for what's happening in the Law School on a given day. Referring to these sources will help avoid unfortunate conflicts with other Law School events. Student groups are strongly encouraged to submit their upcoming events for inclusion on M Law Live and the calendar. The calendar is accessed online. Student groups should review the Posting Policy for information on how to add event advertising flyers to M Law Live (the online student portal).

events planning assistance
The Law School's Meeting/Special Events planner is Jenny Rickard, within the Office of Finance and Planning. Ms. Rickard is available to consult with student organizations regarding program planning and implementation.

If you would like to promote your event to Law School alumni, please submit the Firm Solicitation/Alumni Contact Request form, which will be received and reviewed by the Office of Development and Alumni Relations.

conferences and symposia
The Law School allows a limited number of conferences and symposia to take place at the Law School during each academic year. Permission to conduct a conference or symposium at the Law School must be obtained from the Curricular, Co-curricular, and Pedagogic Issues Committee, pursuant to the guidelines set forth by that committee.

catering ideas
Ali Baba's, 601 Packard, 48104, 734-998-0131 (Middle Eastern)
Big Ten Burrito, 810 S. State, 48104, 734-222-4822 (Mexican)
China Gate, 1201 S. University, 48104, 734-741-0778 (Chinese)
Cottage Inn, 546 Packard, 48104, 734-769-5555 (Pizza)
Papa John's, 401 E. Huron, 48104, 734-623-7272 (Pizza)
Pizza House, 618 Church, 48104, 734-449-2044 (Pizza, Calzones, Salads, Pasta)
Potbelly's, 300 S. State, 48104, 734-205-7000 (Sandwiches)
Zingerman's Deli, 422 Detroit, 48104, 734-663-3354 (Gourmet Sandwiches)

tax exemption
The University's tax-exempt status and taxpayer ID number is available only to Sponsored Student Organizations. Other student organizations may, independently, seek tax-exempt status via application to the IRS (for income tax exemption) or the State of Michigan (for sales tax exemption).

When planning events, keep the following holidays in mind:

jewish holidayS *  

islamic holidays *  

christian & other
religious holidays

Rosh Hashanah Ashura Feast of the Epiphany
Yom Kippur Milad un Nabi Eastern Orthodox Christmas
Sukkot al Isra wal Miraj Sankranit 
Shemini Atzeret Ramadan Chinese New Year & Tet
Simchat Torah Lailat al Qadr Ash Wednesday
Hanukkah Eid ul Fitr Eastern Orthodox start of Lent
Purim Eid ul Adha Good Friday
Pesach (Passover) Easter
Shavuot Ascension Day
All Saints Day

* Jewish and Islamic holidays begin at sundown the day prior to the "official" holiday.

publicizing events
Student organizations may publicize events via M Law Live or with postings within the Law School. Please review the Posting Policy for guideline regarding posting flyers.

Alcohol-related events may not be publicized within the Law School without permission of the Alcohol Oversight Committee (see the Law School Alcohol Policy). Events involving alcohol are regulated by Law School and University guidelines, in addition to state and local laws. Student organizations considering sponsoring an event where alcohol will be served should review the Law School alcohol policy. Questions regarding the policy may be directed to the Assistant Dean for Student Life.

speakers and honoraria
Student organizations often invite speakers to the Law School. When extending invitations to speakers keep in mind that, although an organization may agree (when feasible) to cover a speaker's reasonable travel expenses, it is the Law School's policy to not pay honoraria.

Before inviting a speaker, organizations should be sure to check for potential conflicting events at the Law School which might result in a poor turnout. In addition, it is highly recommended that invitations to potential speakers not be extended on a "back-up" or "Plan B" basis. Invitations to another speaker should be extended only after the prior invited speaker has declined.

When inviting a speaker who is a well-known public figure or who otherwise may have special prominence, please be sure to notify both the Office of Student Life ( and Jenny Rickard ( in advance of the visit.

speakers who come to mlaw for an extended period

Occasionally, a student organization may wish to invite a speaker to the Law School to give a series of talks over an extended period.  The administration is supportive of such programming and appreciates proactive efforts by students to host speakers who will bring fresh perspectives to our community.  Along with the guidance provided in the "Speakers and Honoraria" section (above), please abide by the following additional guidelines, since having a visiting speaker in residence here for more than two days raises some special logistical and communications issues:

1) Communication – In all your communications, and especially in your invitation to the speaker, please specify the student organization(s) that is (are) issuing the invitation or hosting the event(s).  Please help avoid creating the impression that the speaker or event is hosted by "the Law School" (i.e. the administration or faculty), as this may give rise to mistaken expectations.

2) Office space – If available, the Law School will be glad to provide appropriate office space to the visiting speaker for the duration of an extended visit.  Students should coordinate with Jenny Rickard ( to check availability and make arrangements.

3) Classroom space – As for all student organization-sponsored programs, Law School classrooms are available for a speaker's presentations during an extended visit.  Please follow the usual process for reserving classrooms.  We recommend that you secure the appropriate space for the duration of the visit as soon as you have established the specific dates that the speaker will be here, which should take place several months in advance. 

4) Titles – In your publicity for the events and when introducing the speaker, please use either the speaker's title from his or her home institution or no title at all.  Please do not create a special title for the speaker (e.g. "Visiting Lecturer" or "Visiting Scholar"), as these often have a designated meaning at the University and, in any event, may create misimpressions or mistaken expectations.

5) Hosting – In addition to planning the speaker's programmatic speaking engagement(s), we recommend that your organization(s) also plan, and budget for, an extended schedule of informal hosting activities (e.g. lunches, receptions, dinners) for the duration of the visit.

6) Notice – Please notify both Ms. Rickard and the Office of Student Life (, well in advance of any speaker's extended visit, including the speaker's name, title, and dates of the visit. This will enable the Law School administration to help make the speaker feel welcome during the student-sponsored visit.

Finally, please make Ms. Rickard aware of any other needs your organization or your visiting speaker may have.

In order to maximize resources and build community, student organizations are encouraged to co-sponsor events whenever possible.