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Student organization pendaflexes are located in the B38 Student Organization Suite in the basement of Hutchins Hall. Because mail and important administrative notices are placed in these pendaflexes, it is recommended they be checked on a regular basis. If your organization needs a pendaflex, notify the Office of Student Affairs.

student organization open house
Each fall, the Office of Student Affairs invites all Law School student organizations and students to participate in a Student Organization Open House. This is a great chance for groups to introduce themselves to students and encourage them to become members and participate in the organization's activities.

Student organization bulletin boards
As student groups activate and deactivate, bulletin boards (located throughout the basement of Legal Research) are allocated and reassigned. As space is at a premium, groups must keep their boards current in order to maintain board space. Student groups that are newly recognized by the LSSS may bid for space through the Senate. If a board is not available immediately, that group will be placed on a waiting list for the next available board.