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Current Roster

2016-7 Board Roster

Co-Directors- Andrew Dane, Rebecca Seguin-Skrabucha

Treasurer- Alisa Sherbow

Applications Committee Co-Chairs- Alexis Bailey

Applications Committee- Anastassia Kolosova, Rebecca Hughes 

Applications and Auction Committees- Kristin Froehle

Applications and Development Committees- Chris Linnan

Auction Committee Co-Chairs- Nate Montalto, Will Quinn

Auction and Finance Committees- Thomas Boumeuf, Adam Cusick, Jake Itzkowitz, Jessica Kim, Akash Patel, Nick Perry, Micah Telegen 

Development Committee Co-Chairs- Raina Bhatt, Kaylie Springer

Finance Committee Co-Chairs- Erica Berman, Thomas Martecchini

Finance Committee- Chrissy Martin 

Finance and Outreach Committees- Peggy Fleming

Fun Committee Chair- Erin Pikachu

Giving Blue Day Chair- Ellen Horne 

Outreach Committee- Jordan Lewis, Keith Thomas 

Silent Auction Committee- Kyle Williams

Team Mascot- Gus Williams

Volunteer Committee- Katie Hart